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Destiny’s Child* – Say my name | (GPF)

Having posted Jay-Z earlier in the week, it seems fitting to post Destiny’s Child who featured Beyoncé AKA Mrs.Carter his better half.

The other reason they have been on my mind is that they LIT IT UP at halftime during the Super Bowl on Sunday night. In small doses I am an utter sucker for razzmatazz. It feels really strange to say this but I was struck by how it is of “my time” which made me feel properly old.

My final point is that Destiny’s Child must be right up there with TLC as one of the best all time names for group of this (or perhaps any) genre.

If you ain’t runnin’ game say my name, say my name…


Destinys Child/RjK

*Artist #604

Daphni* – Yes, I know | (NAT)

This track from Daphni AKA Caribou perfectly straddles two of my favourite musical genres – House and Soul. The result is a hypnotic, funky melting pot. I can’t sit still whenever I hear it, which is usually a good sign for a song (although not universally).


*Artist #603

Jay-Z – Can’t knock the hustle

This track, taken from Jay-Z’s classic 1996 album Reasonable Doubt, contains one of my all time favourite hooks sung by R’n’B royalty Mary J. Blige. It has a languid ease and perfectly compliments the dexterous, playful rhymes. For some reason it has been running about my mind for the past few weeks.



The Blue Nile – From Rags to Riches

As I have mentioned before, Glasgow band The Blue Nile are one of my very favourites of all time. They make music of depth and beauty and I often find myself listening to them if I need to soothe a racing mind (as I do this morning).

This track is taken off the superb 1984 album A Walk Across the Rooftops which I listened to recently. It has become a very rare occurrence that I listen to a whole album but I was glad I did. I had forgotten how great it is. Seven songs of utter perfection.

I had a very enjoyable weekend. Great match and atmosphere and much fun had catching up with my two buddies. I really enjoyed the fact that a lot has changed for the three of us but at the same time nothing had changed.

The Blue Nile – A Walk Across the Rooftops:

The Blue Nile/RjK

Doves – There goes the fear

Having spent the weekend with two old school friends there are two reasons to post this classic track from favourites Doves. Firstly, it was a track I listened to endlessly during those days. Secondly, the fear is very much something I am feeling today…

It is taken from their excellent 2002 album The Last Broadcast. My final point about Doves is that they are one of the best live bands I know. If you ever get the chance to see them, I strongly recommend you take it.


CHVRCHES* – The Mother We Share

That ‘V’ in their name is stylised, not pronounced. You just say ‘Churches.’

With that tiresome piece of administration out of the way, the real work of listening to the song can begin. Thought it’s not work at all, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Like a lot of the music that’s appealed to me lately, it’s a saccharine mix of melodies and synthesised beats.  It reminds me of Grimes and Purity Ring and a little of Haim. Grimes is really the only one out of those 3 whose music has had any staying power in my regular listening. It remains to be seen if CHVRCHES are going to stick as they have yet to release an LP.

The Scottish trio are ‘hotly tipped’ for 2013 and were featured on the BBC Sound of 2013 list, but don’t let that put you off.  Their other single, ‘Lies’ is also highly listenable so it’s looking likely that they’ll be able to pull off a solid album.


*Artist #602