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Real Estate – Green Aisles

It felt like time I posted some Real Estate and their mellow, washed out sound is perfect for a Monday morning. This track is taken off their excellent 2011 album Days.

They have been one of my best finds during my blogging odyssey and Out of Tune remains one of my favourite tracks from the last few years.

Real Estate:

Real Estate/RjK

Sea Pinks* – A Pattern Recognition | (NAT)

It has been too long since I posted something jangly. Belfast band Sea Pinks provide the guitars today. The track is perhaps a little insubstantial but it’s sunny and rather fun which, every once in a while, is enough to catch my ear.

Sea Pinks:

Sea Pinks/RjK

*Artist #744

Tape Waves* – Ready Now

This is a first for the blog in that these guys submitted this track to me themselves. In case anyone else out there wants to do the same the email address is 365daysinmusic@gmail.com

Tape Waves are from Charleston, South Carolina and I really like their Lo-Fi, washed out sound. It reminds me a little of blog favourites Best Coast.

Tape Waves:

Tape Waves


*Artist #704

Gardens & Villa* – Neon Dove

I spent all weekend listening to this track from Gardens and Villa, a bunch of five college friends hailing from Santa Barbara, CA. Their name is taken from the street on which they reside and the washed out, lo-fi music they make also reflects this setting. It reminds me a little of a long, sunny day at the beach (not that I get to enjoy many of those in Dublin).

Gardens and Villa:


*Artist #593

Roosevelt* – Sea | (NAT)

This is a nice and light. A perfect summer tune! If only the weather matched the vibe of the song. For some reason the adjective that comes into my head when I hear it is Balearic. Not if this is at all accurate but it somehow seems fitting.

Roosevelt hails from Cologne, Germany and is signed to the Greco-Roman record label. When choosing his DJ name he obviously wasn’t thinking of how to optimise for use with search engines! Hence I don’t know too much about him. But sometimes that’s okay.


*Artist #589

Best Coast – When I’m with you

Another stellar tune from 2011 blog favourites Best Coast, who checked in at number 21 in my Top 30 of 2011 with Sun was high (so was I).

I really like their sunny, washed out sound. It’s just a pity Monday morning in Dublin doesn’t have the weather to match! Not sure what the faux-Ronald McDonald is all about in the video but it kind of works in a strange way I suppose!