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8th March 2012

Peasant* – The flask (NAT)

I don’t know a great deal about this guy but have been enjoying this tune very much recently. It is breezy and has a low-fi sound that reminds me a little of Best Coast.

It also marks artist number 400 in my meandering blogging voyage. Look out for a post over the weekend with the 10 freshest artists I have stumbled across so far. Thanks for sticking with me.


*Artist #400!!

15th February 2012

Tennis* – Origins

Tennis are a husband and wife duo from Denver, Colorado. The hazy sound and light, airy feel here remind me a little of Best Coast who were favourites from last year. It is taken from their second record Young and Old, which has just been released I think. 


*Artist #384

Best Coast – Sun was high (so was I)

I haven’t posted much current music recently so it is good to highlight something fresh. This lo-fi, dreamy number has been stuck in my head all day. I also think Best Coast is an excellent name, particularly given their Californian origins. I really like their sound too, like a lazy, hazy day on the beach spent chilling like a villain.


28th July

Vondelpark – TV

This is another sparse, washed out electronica track. I seem to have been listening to an endless stream of these recently. The murmerred, hypnotic lyrics add to the dream-like feel.

I think Vondelpark are from London and are named for a park in Amsterdam.

25th July

Youth Lagoon – Cannons

This is the newest addition to my MP3 player and has been receiving heavy play.

It is the latest in a series of songs of a similar ilk that have grabbed me (several of which I have posted, with probably some more to come). They all have a kind of washed out, dreamy sound, like The Beach Boys meets Fleet Foxes. Not sure if this is just the style of the moment or they just speak to my slightly jaded mental state.

13th July

Washed Out – Feel it all around

Was surfing around Youtube aimlessly and stumbled upon this a couple of days ago. It was the right song at the right time. It is breezy and hypnotic, a breath of fresh summer air. There is quite a fitting video here too.