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The Stranglers – Walk On By

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #2

Punk was at its height in 1978 when The Stranglers released the  ‘Black and White‘ album. Anarchy was the order of the day. Here the Stranglers were thumbing there noses at Burt Bacharach and Hal David syrupy love songs, and turned it into a guitar driven rant, with an admittedly a long slightly indulgent solo.

Of course they also recorded ‘Golden Brown’ a syrupy love song to heroin. It is not recorded what Burt Bacharach made of this version but I suspect its not going into his desert island discs…

The Stranglers:

The Stranglers/CjK

Blue Highway* – Lonesome Pine | (GPF)

I stumbled across this on YouTube earlier in the week (it’s scary that Google has worked out I have a weakness for Bluegrass) and inexplicably have had it stuck in my head since. It might be the banjo…

Apparently Blue Highway are a contemporary Bluegrass band from Tennessee. This track is from an album of the same name which was released on Rebel Records in 2006.

Blue Highway:

Blue Highway/RjK

*Artist #683