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North Philadelphia Juniors* – I’m A Solider

Every once in a while when I find the time I very much enjoy listening to the Sinner’s Crossroads show on the wonderful WFMU radio station. It features “Scratchy vanity 45’s, pilfered field recordings, muddy, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs: a little preachin’, a little salvation and a little audio tomfoolery…”

It was listening to the last week that I came across this track, from 1950. I found it’s raw, fervent energy to be utterly spellbinding.


*Artist #714

Malawi Mouse Boys* – Ndinasangalala (I Was Happy)

My musical fads seem to come in three forms of late: Soul, Hip Hop or African. Recently I definitely seem to have been captivated by the latter and I haven’t felt so invigorated in a while. There is something really fresh and raw about world music.

Malawi Mouse Boys must be the best band name I have heard in a long time. This track is taken from their debut album He is #1, which was released last year. It is every bit as joyous as I could hope and with a great video to match.

Malawi Mouse Boys – He is #1:

Malawi Mouse Boys - He is #1/RjK

*Artist #697

The Impressions* – People Get Ready

Welcome to Year Three of 365 days of YouTune. Over the holidays I have been pondering about what way to proceed with the blog. It basically came down to a question of go big (try to build it up) or go home (call it a day). I came down on the side of the former so look out for some changes (hopefully improvements) in the coming weeks. Also, any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.

I seem to be all about symmetry at the moment. Having ended 2012 in a similar fashion to 2011, I now begin 2013 in the same way that I started my blogging journey, with Curtis Mayfield (who else could it be?).

This Gospel influenced number is from right at the start of his career when he was just making his name in Chicago with The Impressions. It’s just like any great Gospel track in that it is both powerful and potent. A good note to start any new year upon.


*Artist #585

4th December 2012

Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers – Peace in the valley

I don’t think I have yet encountered a voice that’s more pure than Sam Cooke’s. This is never more true than in the early Gospel music he recorded with The Soul Stirrers. The music is simple and his voice is unshackled and full of fervour. The result is simply startling.


11th August 2012

Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers – Jesus gave me water

There is something about gospel music from this era that I find utterly compelling. I think it is the purity of the vocal, which is particulalry exemplified here by the wonderful Sam Cooke who used the Soul Stirrers as a springboard to mainstream success before tragically passing away before his time.

On another note, what a performance by Mo Farrah tonight! He seems like such a decent bloke too, I was delighted for him.


The Soul Stirrers – He’s my guide

Without Gospel music there would be no Soul music and without Soul music my world would be a much worse place. Lots of the soul greats got their first breaks singing gospel such as Sam Cooke who is the lead vocalist here.
The purity and power in the vocals here is startling and the harmonies are perfect. I don’t know if I could ask for much more from a song.