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30th April 2012

Jay Electronica – Dear Moleskine

I have heard this a lot recently and really enjoyed it. It seems like Jay Electronica is set to be one of the breakout acts of 2012, certainly in the hip hop world.

The main reason I like it so much is the clever and fresh sounding sample. I have been thinking about samples quite a bit since posting Pete Rock and CL Smooth a few weeks ago. It really is an art form, I am a total sucker for a clever sample.



Stereophonics* – Local boy in the photograph

Had a quiet day at home. It was nice to relax although I couldn’t escape the nagging knowledge that I have a 6am flight in the morning. #Longdaytomorrow
Posting Catatonia on Friday made me think of this. It is both Welsh and a strongly reminds me of schooldays. Pretty strong tune too, full of youthful energy.

And all the friends lay down the flowers, sit on the banks and drink for hours, talk of the way they saw him last. Local boy in the photograph…


*Artist #432

28th April 2012

Kansas* – Dust in the wind

This track is for my buddy Pam who gave me the local’s inside track on a good place for a pint of Guinness and lunch before the game. Farmer Brown’s on Bath Avenue for lunch and then The Bath for the pint(s). I had forgotten how good Guinness tastes in Dublin.

A good video here, it fits the song really well.

*Artist #431

27th April 2012

Catatonia* – Road Rage

It’s been a while since I have felt so utterly beat on a Friday night, it has been a long week. It is however nice to be back home in my parent’s house. I am back in Ireland for the weekend to attend the European Cup semi final tomorrow. Hopefully Ulster can do it and make the final. It will be my first trip to the Aviva stadium and I am pretty excited. It strangely feels a little like Christmas Eve!

This is a real blast from the past, a big hit from my school days. Catatonia, whose other big hit was a classic 90’s reference – Mulder and Scully. Remember the X-files? Now that takes me back.

This is taken from the time when Welsh bands ruled the world with these guys, Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers and Super Furry Animals in the vanguard.

Cerys Matthews, the impish lead singer now presents an eclectic Sunday morning show on 6music. How does anyone else feel about singers with strong accents? I think I kind of like the rolled R’s here.

Cause you and I know it’s all over the front page. You give me road rage racing through the best days… 


*Artist #430


Quantic and Alice Russell* – Look around the corner

A short post at the end of a long anf busy day. Not much report on these guys other than I am hopiong to see them play in Camden next week.

Looking forward to a weekend at home and a trip to Dublin for a big rugby match.


*Artist #429


Mary Wells – Whisper you love me

Mary Wells is a total hero and one I rediscovered last year. This is classic early Motown and bears the hallmarks, simplicity, warmth and wonderful melodies. I also love the innocence, it was a simpler time back then!

Whisper you love me boy. Make it sound soft and clear, tender and sincere…



Nneka* – Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix)

I heard this on a playlist Pete Tong put together for 6music. It was full of varied and surprising tunes, most of which I really liked. This remix has a quiet energy and an uplifting feel, just the ticket for a gray Tuesday in North London.
Nneka is a German singer of African descent which makes her a little like Joy Denalane in background and style. Both are worth a listen.
*Artist #428


Unlimited Four* – I Wanna Be Happy

I have realised recently that soul music has been underrepresented thus far in 2012. The blog has expanded my musical horizons more that I thought possible but soul will always be my first love. Look out for a few stompers in the coming weeks to redress the balance.
This has a classic early soul feel being both pure of sound and sentiment, I can’t help but smile when I hear it.
*Artist #427

Blur – Charmless Man

Today has been Damon Albarn day on 6music. My ears have been full of Blur and madcap collaborations. I have to give it up for DA, that guy’s got some skills.

This is a favourite from The Great Escape, which was released at the pinnacle of the Blur vs Oasis Britpop hysteria. Heady days. It is only since I began to work that I have become familiar with the phenomenon of the charmless man, much to my disappointment. It is certainly a realisation I could have lived without!

I met him in a crowded room, where people go to drink away their gloom. He sat me down and so began the story of a charmless man…  



Lambchop* – Up with people

This, from Nashville band Lambchop, is one of the most infectiously upbeat songs I can think of. It has an almost evangelical feel. I really like singer Kurt Wagner’s very distinctive voice which I think it adds a lot.

There is something about it that makes it a perfect spring tune, and it was typical  UK spring weather in London today. Four seasons in the space of an hour! 

It is taken from the Album Nixon, which I think explains the slightly odd video here.


*Artist #426