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Paul Simon – Born at the Right Time

This is the last of a few posts about albums that have influenced me recently. The Rhythm of the Saints recently turned 25 years old. It is one of my favorite albums of all time (I go back and forth between it and Astral Weeks) and is perhaps the most influential.

Simon’s experimentation with African and World Music and the wonderfully rich sound that was produced inspired me to investigate some of these sounds and musicians. I had a very enjoyable sojourn exploring African music and one that I’m sure I will return to in due course.

This track is a highlight of the album and I love the colorful, mythical imagery.

Down among the reeds and rushes
A baby boy was found
His eyes as clear as centuries
His silky hair was brown


Paul Simon – The Obvious Child

Revisiting Pet Sounds last weekend (in various forms) got me thinking about albums. Of late, they have lost all meaning to me. I can’t think the last time I listened to one from start to finish.

But there will always be a few that I can’t escape. One such is The Rhythm of the Saints, from which this is taken. It got me thinking about World Music before I even knew it existed. If you don’t know it I recommend you give yourself a treat and check it out.

The Rhythm of the Saints:

The Rhythm of the Saints/RjK


27th November 2012

The Walker Brothers – The sun ain’t gonna’ shine any more

The reason for posting this is that Scott Walker, lead singer of The Walker Bothers has a new record out next week. Interesting note about the band – none of them were originally called Walker nor were any of them brothers, I kind of like that though.

They are favourites of my Dad’s and were staples of his summer mixes, particularly the eccentric Jackie which I posted last year. I also really like their sound, it is perfectly 60’s.


25th November 2012

Haim* – Forever

This is fun. It reminds me of the 80’s female singers that I was exposed to by my dad when I was very young. Gloria Estefan or Neneh Cherry maybe (which reminds me I should probably post something by them soon too), which is no bad thing.

Haim are from Los Angeles, California and are made up of three sisters.I like the video here too, it complements the song well.

My only reservation about this song it that my dad also introduced me to it. I thought that trend had reversed long ago! He has recently discovered Spotify which means he probably hears more new music than I do.


*Artist #562

5th November 2012

Jaques Brel* – Jacky

This is the original, French version of a favourite track by Scott Walker which I posted last year. Both are breathless, manic and rather magnificent.

The reason I thought of it is that (don’t laugh) I have enrolled in a French class which I take after work once a week. Hopefully at some stage I will be able to understand what he singing about!


*Artist #549

30th October 2012 (R.I.P. Terry Callier)

Terry Callier – Sail Away (CjK guest post)

There are no second acts in American lives – this famous F.Scott Fitzgerald adage from The Great Gatsby hangs over the presidential hopefuls in the run up to next week’s US election. 

In fact Terry Callier, who sadly died a couple of days ago, did have a second act. He retired from recording music in 1983 to become a computer engineer and his recording from the 60s were rediscovered in the mid 90s by DJs who encouraged him to record again. He then went on to produce some his finest work. His unique soulful voice gave great character to his often plaintive songs about people on the periphery of society.


P.S. RjK I would add that I owe TC’s music a debt of thanks. Listening to it was when I got one of my first inklings that there was something deeper, fuller, more substantial to soul music than the purely pop leanings of Motown (spectacular though they are) to which I previously been exposed. 

22nd October 2012

David McWilliams* – Days of Pearly Spencer (CjK Guest post)

Days of Pearly Spencer resonates deeply with me as the singer David McWilliams lived in the same town as me, Ballymena in Co Antrim, when he recorded this iconic song. I recall a classmate talking about meeting him, and bringing in a vinyl copy of the record.  

The song is about a homeless man McWilliams had encountered in Ballymena. It was way ahead of its time, and featured a sweeping orchestral arrangement and a chorus sung as if through a megaphone which makes it seems timeless. 

This is the best version, which was successful on the pirate radios of the time but not in mainstream. It has had a few (inferior) reincarnations. Sadly McWilliams is dead ten years this year.


*Artist #541

16th July 2012

Seal* – Crazy

This is one of the very earliest songs I can remember with my father playing it on cassette on summer holidays and journeys to and from primary school.
*Artist #486