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The Jazzual Suspects* – This Beat

This was a track that I randomly stumbled across on YouTube. I couldn’t help but click on the link once I spotted the band’s name. I literally know nothing about them. Can anyone help?

Anyway, it feels like a suitably smooth way to kick off the week.


*Artist #751


The Stepkids – Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake Jazz Cover)

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #6

Ok you’re invited to a wedding and the ‘Bridzilla” has stipulated a strict dress code. These 3 piece jazz musicians provide a perfect backdrop to a warm summers’ evening wedding, where you might be going  slightly better dressed than usual, and uncomfortable with a tie on. Something of a wedding band themselves this trio are letting it rip.  Anyway Rob would never post Justin Timberlake…

The Step Kids:

The Step Kids/CjK

*Artist #701

Gregory Porter – Be good (Lion’s song)

The day after the weekend before. I am feeling fragile and not a little jaded but I had a great few days in London. It has had a restorative effect on me.

Gregory Porter is an American Jazz singer. His track Illusion was one of my favourites of last year. This is taken from his 2012 album of the same name.

Gregory Porter:

Gregory Porter


3rd November 2012

Ella Fitzgerald* – Love is here to stay

I was somewhat surprised that I hadn’t posted Ella Fitzgerald yet so this is as good a time as any to right that wrong. Her voice is one of the all time classics.

The reason I choose this Gershwin classic is that it was sung at the wedding I was at a few weeks ago in Oxford and I actually found myself to be a little moved by it. For someone as stoic as me that is really saying something!

The horns here are so smooth and languid, the way they complement Ella’s voice is a real treat. I find the combination to be totally irresistible.


*Artist #548

16th October 2012

Boz Scaggs* – Miss Riddle

I am not really sure how to follow Rory’s post from yesterday!

This is nice and smooth, some mellow mid week listening. I am a sucker for horns. Interesting note about Boz Scaggs (I didn’t know this until just now) is that he was a member and sometime lead singer of The Steve Miller Band.

So cool, so clear, so nonchalant, so absolutely what I want…


*Artist 534

14th October 2012

Nina Simone – Mr. Bojangles

Some more mellow Sunday night listening. There are several versions of this track but this is my favourite (Nina is hard to beat). There is a wisfulness to it that feels heartfelt and I find it rather moving. I guess that is the test of any good music, that it makes you feel something.