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Seamus Heaney* – Digging

I have been reading Stepping Stones while in Lahore, Pakistan over the past few days. It’s made me feel more connected to Northern Ireland than in some time.

Seamus Heaney’s journey from from rural Derry to Nobel Prize winner and Harvard Professor is still truly inspirational to me.


*Artist #875

Glen Hansard – McCormack’s Wall

This is taken from on of my favourite albums of 2015: Didn’t He Ramble by Glen Hansard. My relationship with Irish music can be complicated; sometimes it is nice to reminded of home, sometimes I find it too twee by half.

However, I encountered this record at a time when my mind was drawn from Berkeley to the Emerald Isle which made it’s traditional sound perfect. This is especially true of this track which reminded me of my rurual small town adolescence.


Van Morrison & The Chieftains – Star of the County Down

I smiled when I came across this on YouTube last week. It made me think about how my taste in music has matured over time. 10 years ago I would have found it horribly kitschy but this time around I found myself rather enjoying it.