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The Heptones* – We Are In The Mood & Dub

This mellow, reggae number, from iconic Jamaican band The Heptones, has been running about my mind over the past few weeks. The vocals are so smooth, they fit the vibe perfectly. Also, the track is ideal listening for a lazy, sunny Sunday.

The Heptones:

The Heptones/RjK

*Artist #654

Björk – Joga

it’s been too long since I posted any Björk. This is one of my very favourite of her tracks. It is taken from her 1997 classic album Homogenic.

I don’t think I had ever seen this video before. It is a little unsettling but this probably suits the artist rather well.

Björk – Homogenic:

Bjork - Homogenic/RjK

Paul Simon – The Obvious Child

Revisiting Pet Sounds last weekend (in various forms) got me thinking about albums. Of late, they have lost all meaning to me. I can’t think the last time I listened to one from start to finish.

But there will always be a few that I can’t escape. One such is The Rhythm of the Saints, from which this is taken. It got me thinking about World Music before I even knew it existed. If you don’t know it I recommend you give yourself a treat and check it out.

The Rhythm of the Saints:

The Rhythm of the Saints/RjK