Monthly Archives: August 2011

31st August

Broken Social Scene – Lover’s Spit

This is another favourite I discovered in Berkeley. Broken Social Scene seemed to be everywhere, on every stereo in every house party, so when I hear them I think of those happy times. This certainly helps my appreciation of them.

This version is taken from Bee Hives, rather than the one on You forgot it in people. Both are good but this is the one for me, having a bare, slow urgency which speaks to me.

30th August

The Black Seeds – Cool me down

These guys are another Reggae Band from New Zealand. I did some research after getting into Fat Freddy’s Drop and getting a tip from a friend, and they are one of a number of bands that are worth checking out.

Also, the eagle-eyed amoungst you may spot Bret McKenzie (from Flight of the concords) in the video. This is his old band. They are probably less funny but more funky and mellow. If you are unfamiliar with FOTC – they are also worth a look.

The Coup – Heaven Tonite

The Coup are from Oakland and first caught my attention when I was living in Berkeley. They were supporting Lyrics Born at a gig I attended and stole the show, blowing me away in the process. It is so thrilling when a band unexpectedly comes from left field and does that.

They make a brand of conscious and funky hip hop that could be tailor made for me. While some of their politics is probably a little extreme for me, their rhymes are clever and true. I don’t normally do this but if you are interested in something more up tempo from them try this. It’s also dope.

Preacher man wants to save my soul, ain’t nobody want to save my life…



Pulp – Mis-Shapes

This is classic Britpop, and really reminds me of school days listening to Different Class on my walkman. It is a very clever and enjoyable album. I thought of it after reading about Pulp (now back together) ripping it up at Reading festival over the weekend. I was tempted to post one of their other, bigger hits from the album – Common People or Disco 2000, but this was always my favourite.

This is a typically cool video, with Jarvis looking impossibly young.

27th August

Terry Callier – Ordinary Joe

This is classic soul, another one pilfered from my Father’s record collection. Terry Callier had an interesting career, enduring a couple of decades in the doldrums before making a comeback in the 90’s, notably collaborating with Beth Orton and Massive Attack.


The Cure – Close to me

This is another classic 80’s tune. The reason it came to my mind is this list of the best jokes from the Edinburgh festival. I particularly liked “I was in a band called The Prevention, because we hoped people would say we were better than the cure.” Funny stuff. Also a good song.


Chic – Good Times

Classic disco. I can’t think of anything that sums the genre up better than this. The reason for posting it now is that I heard a DJ play this on Saturday night, he mixed it into Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang. It was basic but effective, almost like being there the first time around.


Mo Kolours – Biddies

This continues my current fad for simple, mellow electronica. It has no bells and whistles but there is something engaging and hypnotic about it which I find appealing. I don’t know know much about the artist, but I intend to find out some more.


The J.Geils Bands – Centrefold

I posted this 80’s gem a few days ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it since. I thought I would return to the scene of the crime with this classic. Catchy tune, kitschy video – what more could I ask for?
My blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold. My angel is a centrefold…


Dave Brubeck – Unsquare dance

I was reminded of this recently when I heard it on the radio. It is just cool. The 60’s is an era I have become a little more conscious of  recently (well, beyond Motown, Stax and Atlantic) through the TV show Mad Men. It was such a stylish time. I can imagine Don Draper sipping on an Old Fashioned while this plays on a jukebox.