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Daphni* – Yes, I know | (NAT)

This track from Daphni AKA Caribou perfectly straddles two of my favourite musical genres – House and Soul. The result is a hypnotic, funky melting pot. I can’t sit still whenever I hear it, which is usually a good sign for a song (although not universally).


*Artist #603

22nd December 2012

Joy Orbison – Ellipsis

This is a track from 2011 favourite Joy Orbison. He is a London DJ that makes music that tends to span several genres but tends to be chilled out and sometimes even euphoric, such as Hyph Mngo which I posted last year.

I meant to post this earlier in the year but it slipped my mind until this week when a friend kindly sent me Resident Advisor’s top 50 tracks of 2012 and this was number 3.


19th November 2012

Mark Farina* – Dream Machine

This is Monday morning listening. I need something quiet and chilled out to ease me into the working week, especially after a busy few days. This does the trick.

Mark Farina is a Chicago House DJ who I listened to a lot in university, I haven’t heard much of him recently but this still sounds great.


*Artist #557

9th November 2012

Michael Jackson – Man in the mirror (Hed Kandi remix) (GPF)

This is a bit cheesy but I kind of like it’s energy. The reason I was reminded of it was that I shared a enjoyable couple of pints with a fellow blogger tonight. They mentioned an entry they had posted “revealing” the fact that Michael Jackson is in fact Nani’s father. Outlandish and humourous stuff!

I’m starting with the man in mirror…


4th November 2012

Benoit and Sergio – New Ships

This is a little more up tempo than the usual tracks I post on Sundays. However, this has infected my brain over recent days. Berlin/Washington, DC duo Benoit and Sergio make accessible house music, including the utterly hypnotic Walk and Talk which was a big blog favourite in 2012. Or in the words of Resident Advisor:

…a sense of place and narrative infuse their rhythms and melodies, transcending the confines of “tech-house” or “electronic pop” and entering a genre-free realm of cinematic imagery and visceral pleasures…

Not sure I would go that far! Solid track though.


21st August 2012

Moodymann – Why do U feel?

This has been my fix so far this week. The sample has completely infected my brain, it is so smooth and hypnotic I can’t listen to it enough.

Moodymann is a Detroit based DJ who seems to take inspiration and influence (as you can hear in this) from many different genres. I posted another track of his earlier in the year and it has a similarly perfect sample.


19th July 2012

Alexander Holland* – The Best of Me (NAT)

This is just so upbeat and full of energy it I find it irresistibleI love how it melds together a modern house sound with a classic disco flavour. It also matches my mood as I prepare to leave London tomorrow. I’ve moved beyond feeling sad to be leaving to being excited for the new challenge that awaits me in Dublin.
Alexander Holland is a DJ hailing from (to quote Resident Advisor) “the great city of Adelaide, Australia, with it’s meager but passionate wine loving population of 1 million.”
Best of me? I’m gonna get the best of you…
*Artist #489

17th July 2012

KiNK featuring Rachel Row* – Hand made

After a few retro tunes in a row I thought I should take things in a different direction. Some Bulgarian deep house? That will do it! I love this track’s energetic, summery sound especially when it shifts into another gear (~ 4mins in) halfway through.

There is also a cool video here about how it was made which give a good insight about how a DJ mixes a song together and house music in general. Something to aspire to…

I am in the midst of a busy week. Packing is never fun. I have been surprised at the emotional toll it has been taking on me. Fitting four years of your life into a suitcase is tough!


*Artist #487