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Blur – Country house

This brings me back! I know I posted Blur only a few weeks ago but I went to see the Damien Hirst retrospective in the Tate Modern today and I was reminded that he directed this video. Both the video and song are lively and fun, typical of both Blur and Hirst’s impish work.

The retrospective was engaging if lacking the subtlety of some of the other exhibitions I have been to recently (Lucien Freud etc.). Lots of visually arresting pieces, but perhaps a little light on substance. I had to admire the guy’s talent for business though, he was selling prints (limited edition of only 50) in the gift shop for £20k a piece! 


Little Richard – Long tall Sally

This came on my MP3 player today just as some sun was breaking through what was up until then a grey day. I was reminded of what a great song it is, a perfect Saturday tune. 2 minutes of energetic, breathless rock ‘n’ roll perfection.

In other news, I went to see Moonrise Kingdom during the week. After taking a little bit of time to get into it, I really enjoyed it. It made me feel something, which was pleasant and disconcerting in about equal measure. I guess it was mostly nostalgia for the innocence of the two main characters. There was also some enjoyable and subtle humour in there too, even if some of it felt a touch forced. All in all, I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you have a couple of hours to spare.


8th June 2012

The Farm* – All together now (GPF)

To mark the start of the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine today I thought I would post my favourite football song (perhaps only rivaled by New Order’s World in Motion). It is a little cheesy but there is something rousing about it. 


*Artist #459 

7th June 2012

Chet Faker* – Terms and conditions (NAT)

Melbourne artist Chet Faker is a bit of a mystery, hidden behind a puntastic pseudonym and a prodigious beard (kudos to him on that).
He released an interesting and very different sounding cover/reimagination of the 90’s classic No Diggity earlier in the year, which brought him to my attention. However, even though I enjoyed it, it felt a little gimmicky to me. This is much more my speed. It is languid and brooding and has been the perfect soundtrack for a granite grey day in north London spent watch rain relentlessly fall from a slate coloured sky.
*Artist #458

6th June 2012

Washed Out – You and I

This guy was a favourites from last year. Their name is fitting of their mellow, almost haunting sound (apparently it’s know as chillwave). This track is taken from the 2011 album Within and Without and features Caroline Polachek of the band Chairlift.


5th June 2012

Oddisee – Paralyzed

Travelling and computer issues mean that this post is a little delayed. Apologies for that. I had a great time at home. Nice and relaxing, I was glad to be away from the Jubilee madness in London.
This is an interesting mash up from blog favourite Oddisee. It is taken from Odd Renditions vol.001, an EP that is free to download (see here), in advance of a long player called People hear what they see, which was released last week. Despite the somwhat disparate parts (Aretha and Bon Iver here) the EP works really well and is worth checking out.

4th June 2012

The Sex Pistols* – God save The Queen


Punk isn’t a genre that has ever particularly grabbed me. It is a little too spiky and lacking in melody for my ears. However, this feels like the right song to post today. You have to give it up for HM, 60 years on the throne is no joke. 


*Artist #457

3rd June 2012

Foy Vance – Gabriel and the vagabond

I spent some time walking about Belfast this evening before meeting up with a good friend for a beer. I found myself lingering about Queen’s (my alma matter). It made me feel nostalgic for university days free from worries.

This means it feels right to post a favourite from that period. I listened to this song a lot both in Belfast and Berkeley. There is a piercing honesty to it which is quite affecting.


2nd June 2012

These guys used to go by the name Hype Williams. Which is a good name for a smashmouth MC, not so sure about this. It is dark and a little unsettling but there is also something beautiful lurking beneath the surface if you look hard enough. It is taken from the album Black is beautiful, which is pretty darn fresh.

I am back in Ireland for the weekend, it is nice to be home and to escape the madness of Jubilee weekend London. I had forgotten what open space feels like.


*Artist #457

1st June 2012

Kylie Minogue* – Spinning Around (GPF)

I can’t help but admire Kylie. She keeps pushing on, keeps things fresh. Her relentless desire to try something new and stay current is one I very much admire. Also, the video here doesn’t hurt (hello hotpants)! Above all she has made great pop music and a lot of it, and this is a classic example.


*Artist #456