Daily Archives: June 4, 2012

4th June 2012

The Sex Pistols* – God save The Queen


Punk isn’t a genre that has ever particularly grabbed me. It is a little too spiky and lacking in melody for my ears. However, this feels like the right song to post today. You have to give it up for HM, 60 years on the throne is no joke. 


*Artist #457

3rd June 2012

Foy Vance – Gabriel and the vagabond

I spent some time walking about Belfast this evening before meeting up with a good friend for a beer. I found myself lingering about Queen’s (my alma matter). It made me feel nostalgic for university days free from worries.

This means it feels right to post a favourite from that period. I listened to this song a lot both in Belfast and Berkeley. There is a piercing honesty to it which is quite affecting.