Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

13th June 2012

Skinnyman – Hayden

Skinnyman is a London rapper who grew up in the same neighbourhood as I currently reside. This is taken from his 2004 gem of an album Council estate of mind (good name too), from which I have already posted another track.

This track also has a wonderful balance between a smooth, almost pleading hook and gritty lyrics delivered in an effusive, rapid fire style. The motif of using soundbites from a movie, which appear throughout the album, really works well too.

We’re out on the streets tryna make our possession. The manor that we’re from has turned like a spaghetti western. With itchy fingers on the triggers ready for the pressin’ and its pure depression. I’m standin’ at the crossroads thinking ‘bout all the other children of the lost souls…