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17th June 2012

Nick Cave and PJ Harvey* – Henry Lee (CjK Father’s Day guest post)


Its amazing what you stumble upon in You Tube – I was looking for an entirely different Nick Cave song.

Let’s be clear on a few things about this more-than-a little-weird video: were they an item once? – yes; is this an old ballad – Yes it’s Nick’s arrangement of an old Southern ballad called Young Hunting; the video must have taken ages to get right? no it was done in only one take. 
You very seldom see a quiff and mullet carried off so well. Yes the lyrics are deeply horrible, but Polly Harvey’s androgynous suited-look fits them perfectly. 
Bet that La la la la la, La la la la lee.. sticks in your head for a while… 


*artist #464

16th June 2012

Kim Weston* – Helpless

This is a strangely rather unheralded early Motown track. In revisiting it this week I was reminded that it is a classic, right up there with any of the more famous stuff. It fulfils the basic requirement I have for a soul song in that it makes me want to move.

Look out for a special Father’s Day post tomorrow from the blogfather himself, my Dad. I will catch you all again on Monday. 


*Artist #463