Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

11th June 2012

David Bowie – Oh! You pretty things

One of many highlights, this is right up there with my very favourite David Bowie tunes. It starts off in languid fashion but builds to a jaunty, upbeat conclusion.
I remember hearing it for the first time while driving to a 6am Sunday morning shift working at my university job in a Petrol Station. The wonderfully named Rob Da Bank played it on a show more aimed at people who were ending their nights than starting their mornings!

Blur – Country house

This brings me back! I know I posted Blur only a few weeks ago but I went to see the Damien Hirst retrospective in the Tate Modern today and I was reminded that he directed this video. Both the video and song are lively and fun, typical of both Blur and Hirst’s impish work.

The retrospective was engaging if lacking the subtlety of some of the other exhibitions I have been to recently (Lucien Freud etc.). Lots of visually arresting pieces, but perhaps a little light on substance. I had to admire the guy’s talent for business though, he was selling prints (limited edition of only 50) in the gift shop for £20k a piece!