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The Waterboys – Sweet Thing

I thought of this after posting Paul McCartney earlier in the week. It is a cover of one of my very favourite songs of all time, which I posted last year. Whilst this doesn’t quite hit the same heights and didn’t have the same impact upon me, the refrain of Blackbird (at approx. 4:30) really adds to this version.
Blackbirds singing in the dead of night…
It is taken from Fisherman’s Blues, which is a very enjoyable album with a stellar sleeve (see below).

Chatham County Line* – Country boy, City boy

I don’t normally respond to live versions and bluegrass is a pretty new one for me, so this is a little bit of a rareity. However, I couldn’t get enough of it over the past couple of day. It has an energy and there is a truth to the lyrics that resonates with me (as a country boy living in the city).
I have been doing some research into bluegrass music as a couple of old friends from university have started playing in a bluegrass band an it piqued my interest. I was more impressed than I expected. I don’t know it I would want to listen to it all the time but it is nice as a change of pace.
One wishes that they were the other, the other just the same. One life so exciting, the other just so tame. If I was a country boy I’d wish for the city lights, If I was a City boy I’d wish for a quiet night…
As the mid-way point of the year approaches I have begun to think about a few highlights of 2012 so far. Does anyone have any suggestions? Look out of my list next week.
*Artist #465

18th June 2012

The Beatles – Here, there and everywhere

I thought I would post some classic Paul McCartney to mark his 70th birthday today. You can’t help but admire the sheer volume of great and landscape altering tracks that he has written over the years.


17th June 2012

Nick Cave and PJ Harvey* – Henry Lee (CjK Father’s Day guest post)


Its amazing what you stumble upon in You Tube – I was looking for an entirely different Nick Cave song.

Let’s be clear on a few things about this more-than-a little-weird video: were they an item once? – yes; is this an old ballad – Yes it’s Nick’s arrangement of an old Southern ballad called Young Hunting; the video must have taken ages to get right? no it was done in only one take. 
You very seldom see a quiff and mullet carried off so well. Yes the lyrics are deeply horrible, but Polly Harvey’s androgynous suited-look fits them perfectly. 
Bet that La la la la la, La la la la lee.. sticks in your head for a while… 


*artist #464

16th June 2012

Kim Weston* – Helpless

This is a strangely rather unheralded early Motown track. In revisiting it this week I was reminded that it is a classic, right up there with any of the more famous stuff. It fulfils the basic requirement I have for a soul song in that it makes me want to move.

Look out for a special Father’s Day post tomorrow from the blogfather himself, my Dad. I will catch you all again on Monday. 


*Artist #463

15th June 2012

Nelly Furtado* – I’m like a bird (GPF)

This isn’t too substantial but is light and fun, which I guess is exactly what I am trying to achieve with my Friday posts. It brings back some fond memories from my school days.
Have a great weekend.
I’m like a bird…
*Artist #462

14th June 2012

La Mákina del Karibe* – Radio Gozambike (NAT)

This takes a few seconds to get going, but once it does it really gets going. It is Columbian artist that I heard on Afritanga: The sound of Afro Columbia, I collection I came across recently.
It has an infectious, manic energy that I found really irreisistible and reminds me a little of a Columbian version of Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers who my boy Brian posted for me a few months back.
*Artist #461

13th June 2012

Skinnyman – Hayden

Skinnyman is a London rapper who grew up in the same neighbourhood as I currently reside. This is taken from his 2004 gem of an album Council estate of mind (good name too), from which I have already posted another track.

This track also has a wonderful balance between a smooth, almost pleading hook and gritty lyrics delivered in an effusive, rapid fire style. The motif of using soundbites from a movie, which appear throughout the album, really works well too.

We’re out on the streets tryna make our possession. The manor that we’re from has turned like a spaghetti western. With itchy fingers on the triggers ready for the pressin’ and its pure depression. I’m standin’ at the crossroads thinking ‘bout all the other children of the lost souls…


Paul Buchanan* – Thin Air

Paul Buchanan is the lead singer of The Blue Nile, a Scottish band who I really love (and have posted a couple of time before). This is from his recently released solo album, also called Mid Air. Similar to his work with the Blue Nile this is simple and heartfelt and I have been really enjoying it so far this week.


*Artist #460

11th June 2012

David Bowie – Oh! You pretty things

One of many highlights, this is right up there with my very favourite David Bowie tunes. It starts off in languid fashion but builds to a jaunty, upbeat conclusion.
I remember hearing it for the first time while driving to a 6am Sunday morning shift working at my university job in a Petrol Station. The wonderfully named Rob Da Bank played it on a show more aimed at people who were ending their nights than starting their mornings!