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10th september 2012

Shlohmo – Rained the whole time

LA DJ Shlohmo has been a fairly recent discovery for me but I certainly like what I have heard. His washed out sound is a perfect, mellow way to end a hectic Monday. Also, the title of this track is particularly apt given the downpour of biblical proportions earlier today in Dublin.


9th September 2012

Old Belle* – Canary Jane

I like this for two reasons. First and foremost, the song is really enjoyable. It has the timeless air (there is something about the banjo that gives any song this quality) of a song that could have just as easily been performed 150 years ago. Secondly, the video was recorded in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, one of my favourite cities in the world.

The two ladies in the video, Tonya (Vocals) and Ashley (Mandolin) are college friends of mine and I have to give up to them for putting themselves out there. You can find out more about Old Belle here. Keep it up guys!


*Artist #515

8th September 2012

Tindersticks – I know that loving

Nottingham band Tindersticks were one of the first that lead me to realise that a whole world of music existed beyond that which I heard played on the radio as I was growing up. Lead singer Stuart Staple’s distinctive nasal tones have provided some of my favourite vocals.

This track is taken from the well titled Simple Pleasure album, which was released in 1999. I posted another track from it last year, and it still remains a favourite it many years after I stumbled across it while raiding my dad’s record collection.

If I could only get out of the water, if I could only get myself clean…


7th September 2012

Brownstone* – If you love me (GPF)

I heard this a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post it since. It is so darn catchy. I know it’s a bit naff but it is from the mid-90’s sweet spot for which I am an utter sucker!

Brownstone are (was going to write were but then just discovered via their wikipedia page that they have reformed) an all girl group from LA. I have to confess knowing exactly nothing about them beyond this song, but what a song it is!

Have a great weekend.


*Artist #514

6th September 2012

New Navy* – Zimbabwe (NAT)

This is perhaps a little light but fun nonetheless. Sometimes a jangly guitar riff is enough, particularly on one of the rare days where the sun shines in Dublin and it actually feels summery.

I am not sure though that I would be picking Zimbabwe as my holiday destination of choice just at the moment though…

I don’t know too much about New Navy other than they are Australian. Their radio friendly sound makes me think it won’t be too long before I hear a bit more from them though.


*Artist #514

5th September 2012

Chuck Berry* – Maybelline

I have been meaning to post this for ages, especially since I posted Little Richard (Chuck Berry’s contemporary and fellow pioneer) for the second time.

Just like all great rock’n’roll songs this is short and very sweet, two energetic minutes of just about perfection. Espeically the guitar!

Maybelline, why can’t you be true?…


*Artist #513

4th September 2012

Chairlift* – Planet Health

This track, from hip Brooklyn duo Chairlift is for me a perfect mixture of slightly off-kilter, zany lyrics with a real 80’s flavour (never a bad thing).

It is taken from their 2008 album Does You Inspire You album, which is well worth a listen. I read it described as “dream pop” which, despite being a little naff, sums the sound up quite well I thought.


*Artist #512

3rd September 2012

Real Estate – Out of tune

New Jersey band Real Estate are blog favourites. I discovered them during the course of my research last year and have enjoyed posting them a couple of times since.

They have a great washed out, sunny sound. Maybe it’s just me (and the fact I posted them last week) but something about them reminds me of The Beach Boys. I think it’s the fact that the music is pleasant and summery but there seems to be just a little more depth lurking beneath the surface too.


2nd September 2012

Curtis Mayfield – Power to the people (Demo)

I opened my musical blogging odyssey with Curtis and it dawned on me this week that I haven’t gotten back around to him yet in my more than 600 subsequent posts.

Move on up, is probably my favourite song of all time. It’s certainly one of my Desert Island Disks and Curtis, the album it is taken form takes pride of place in my (admittedly modest) collection of LP’s. It’s sleeve is a real treat (see below).

This is a bonus track from the 2000 re-release of the album and it’s simplicity is perfect.


Nas – Testify

I love how languid this is, the hook is so fresh. It’s taken from Nas’ Untitled 2008 album.

I was recalling this week when I saw Nas play in Dublin. It must have been around ‘04. I was pretty disillusioned by the crowd (lots of tracksuits) and support acts (I remember one was two lads from Cork “rapping” about the interent), but he still brought it. I also was standing about 10 meters from Kelis, who he was married to at the time.