Daily Archives: September 30, 2012

30th September 2012

Bob Marley* – I shot the sheriff

I just realised that I hadn’t gotten around to posting Bob Marley yet! Not sure how that managed to happen.

I had a great few days in London, lot’s of carousing, (not) sleeping on couches and visits to my favourite haunts. It’s going to take me a few days to recover…


*Artist #527

29th September 2012

The Police – Every little thing she does is magic

This was my karaoke tune at Bloomsbuy Lanes last night. Fun times. I was worried that I was going to get arrested for crimes against people’s ears. Another point to note is that Come on Eileen by Dexy’s is much more difficult that I imagined!

Every little thing she does is magic!…


28th September 2012

Dropkick Murphys* – Drink and fight (GPF)

I know this is lacking in substance but I thought it was fitting given the weekend I just had (minus the fighting part). I like the energy.


*Artist #526

27th September 2012

Tinariwen – Tenere Taqqim Tossam (Four Tet Remix) (NAT)

Tinariwen are a group of Berber musicians from Northern Mali (which I have been reading is a pretty fractious place at present). This is a remix by London DJ Four Tet, who I posted earlier in the year. It is taken from the 2011 release Tassili.

I don’t think I could have conceived a scenario where I would be listening to music like this before starting off my blogging journey. One of the great things about it is that it has taken me to so many places I could never have imagined going to.


*Artist #525

26th September 2012

The Pretenders* – Don’t get me wrong

Apologies for the delayed posts. I got side tracked by a hectic sojourn to London. Didn’t have time to blog in between socialising, work and catching up with some old buddies.

This is fun and upbeat and put a spring in my step when I heard it while walking past a St.Paul’s Cathedral which was bathed in Autumnal sunshine earlier.

Don’t get me wrong…


*Artist #524