Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

6th September 2012

New Navy* – Zimbabwe (NAT)

This is perhaps a little light but fun nonetheless. Sometimes a jangly guitar riff is enough, particularly on one of the rare days where the sun shines in Dublin and it actually feels summery.

I am not sure though that I would be picking Zimbabwe as my holiday destination of choice just at the moment though…

I don’t know too much about New Navy other than they are Australian. Their radio friendly sound makes me think it won’t be too long before I hear a bit more from them though.


*Artist #514

5th September 2012

Chuck Berry* – Maybelline

I have been meaning to post this for ages, especially since I posted Little Richard (Chuck Berry’s contemporary and fellow pioneer) for the second time.

Just like all great rock’n’roll songs this is short and very sweet, two energetic minutes of just about perfection. Espeically the guitar!

Maybelline, why can’t you be true?…


*Artist #513