Daily Archives: September 24, 2012

24th September 2012

The O’Jays – Miracles

Today was one of the greyer days I can remember. It was throwing it down when I left the house for work and it’s still throwing it down as I write this. I now really know I am living in Dublin! I guess that means I had better get used to it!

Given both the inclement weather and the fact it’s a Monday mean I am in need of cheering up. This sunny little number goes some of the way to doing that. The O’Jays are big favourites having recorded some real classics from earlier soul like this to later Disco tracks like I posted earlier in the year.


23rd September 2012

De La Soul – Breakadawn

2012 has definitely seen me fall back in love with Hip Hop, probably my first musical love. And while I have posted quite a bit of their music already this year it seems fitting to keep returning to De La Soul the band that really began it all for me, when I purchased their seminal 3 feet high and rising album. Nothing has ever sounded the same since.

This is just smooth, which is just what’s required for a Sunday night while I gather myself together for a busy week ahead. Also, listen out for the choice Michael Jackson sample here.