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Opotopo* – Belama

I came across this track by Nigerian artist Opotopo, who also seems to go by Easy Kabaka Brown, a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it’s fresh, upbeat sound and the mix of African and Latin influences.




*Artist #755

Gigi* – Guramayle

I have been on the hunt for World Music recently having suffered something of a drought in recent weeks and months. So when a friend sent me this track, by Ethiopian singer Gigi (who I featured a couple of years ago in a slightly different guise), I was delighted.

It sounds fresh and pure like all the African music that I love and I have been listening to it on a loop for the past few days. It is taken her 2001 album of the same name and was subsequently featured on the soundtrack to God Grew Tired of Us, a 2006 documentary about the Lost Boys of Sudan.



*Artist #752

Paul Simon – The Obvious Child

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been listening to The Rhythm of The Saints a lot of late. It is a spectacular album. I stumbled across this video, for the lead single from the album and rather enjoyed it, particularly the purity of the drummers, who I think are members of the Afro-Brazilian band Olodum.

The Rhythm of The Saints:

The Rhythm of The Saints/RjK