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15th June

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Hope

Fat Freddy’s Drop are an eclectic New Zealand 7 piece band who put on a great live show. I saw them in East London in September and was very impressed with their energetic performance.

I really like this one in particular because it is so mellow. It has soothed many a hangover. Based on a true story, the album it is taken from, is also well worth a listen and is both one of my most cherished LP’s.


Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata

This song from South African singer Miriam Makeba continues my recent world music motif. The specific reason it came into my mind is the following awesome picture of Miriam and Marlon Brando, which is taken from this website:


Owiny Sigoma Band – Wires

This track fits with my recent world music motif. They have an interesting back story and I kind of think the London meets Nairobi sound works quite well. The vocal has a hushed quality that serves as a nice contrast with it’s energetic and hypnotic backing.

Nguuni Lovers Lovers – Christmas Kitui

And now for something completely different! A few things inspired me to post this by Kenyan band Nguuni Lovers Lovers:

1) It is JOYOUS

2) Paul Simon – As I mentioned I have been listening to Rhythm Of The Saints endlessly recently and the fact it features world music heavily inspired me to do some investigating.

3) Tom Ravenscroft – As I mentioned in a previous post he played a song by these guys which was captivating and motivated me to hunt them down.

4) The video – HOW amazing is it? The couple dancing together in time fills me with such happiness. I need to find myself a dance partner and bust out some of those moves one evening. London won’t know what hit it! Not to mention it generally charming old-fashioned and low budget feel.

5) Sammy – My good friend commented on last night’s post from Namibia. This is for you buddy. I am more jealous than I can convey.

I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I have been.

Paul Simon – Spirit Voices

I revisited Rhythm of the saints over the weekend and have been unable to stop listening to it subsequently. I was remiss to neglect it and Graceland when considering my favourite back to back albums recently.

What was odd was that I was able to recite the songs word for word despite the fact I can’t ever remember consciously listening to the album. It must have been a big hit with my dad and while I can’t remember when or where I listened to it (repeatedly, it would seem) I clearly heard it. Is it strange that some of my most vivid memories from my early childhood are musical?

I really struggled to settle on one song (in the end this just shaded it over Born at the right time). It is soft and dreamlike – full of rich images and eclectic sounds from around the globe.

And all of these spirit voices
Sing rainwater, sea water
River water, holy water
Wrap this child in mercy – heal her
Heaven’s only daughter