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Hugh Masekela and Letta Mbulu* – Mahlalela | (NAT)

This track, from legendary South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela, is startling. Full of passion and urgency it sounds like a call to arms and makes my pulse quicken a little any time I hear it.

It is taken from his compilation The Chisa Years 1965-1975 (Rare And Unreleased) which was released a couple of years ago on BBE (Barely Breaking Even – great name for a record label).

For one reason or another I seem to have been listening to a lot of South African music so for in 2013 and for the most part have been really enjoying it. Look out for a few more tracks in the coming weeks. I still need to get around to posting Dark City Sisters again, who were big favourites from last year.

Hugh Masekela:

Hugh Masekela


*Artist #607

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

I still haven’t pulled out of my 90’s tailspin and this has lead me down something of a Jamirquai rabbit hole this week. I had forgotten how much I used to enjoy their stuff. The excellent The Return of the Space Cowboy and Traveling Without Moving (which this track is taken from) were both released just as I was becoming conscious of music and I was hooked.

While it is rather a simple affair I really like the video here.  It takes me back. Can’t believe it was made in ’96!

Jay Kay – Man of many hats:



Daphni* – Yes, I know | (NAT)

This track from Daphni AKA Caribou perfectly straddles two of my favourite musical genres – House and Soul. The result is a hypnotic, funky melting pot. I can’t sit still whenever I hear it, which is usually a good sign for a song (although not universally).


*Artist #603

Fela Kuti* – Water No Get Enemy

As I mentioned at the weekend I have noticed a World Music deficit of late. I have been researching and listening to as much as I can in order to try and close this gap.

You won’t be looking into the genre too long before coming across Fela Kuti. The Nigerian troubadour is veritable world music royalty and a pioneer of Afrobeat music. He also found time to be a prominent political activist and all around interesting chap!

I really like how this track contrasts most of the other African music I have posted so far. I tend to be drawn to relentlessly upbeat, energetic sounds. This is much more languid and funky, and those horns are irresistible!

 Fela Kuti:


*Artist #588

9th December 2012

Lafayette Afro Rock Band* – Hihache

I stumbled across this while meandering around YouTube  Sometimes it is scary how well Google seems to know me and my taste in music.

This is a perfect slice on Funk that I have been enjoying throughout a very relaxed Sunday. Some strong horn action which is always a good thing. It reminds me a little of the wonderful Parliament Funakadelic who I saw this time last year. I can’t believe how fast 12 months have slipped by!


*Artist #572

5th December 2012

Rick James* – Mary Jane

Rick James? What a beast! I was going to post this on a Friday but then I realised that I wasn’t guilty about it at all. Simply put, it is FLY. The video here is also suitably manic.

The only issue is that Dave Chapelle has meant that I haven’t been able to think about Rick James in the same way.


*Artist #568

20th November 2012

Sly and The Family Stone* – Can’t strain my brain

I have been on the listen out for some Soul music as it probably has been under represented on my personal playlist of late. It will always be my fist musical love by my inner magpie has been drawn to things shinier of late.

This is taken from Sly and The Family Stone’s 1974 album Small Talk. It’s just a perfect later soul/funk track. Super smooth vocal and just a hint of horns. Doesn’t get much better than that.


*Artist #558