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21st September 2012

Jean Carne* – We got some catching up to do (GPF)

I like this so much it almost feels wrong to suggest it is a guilty pleasure. But it has the kind of dancefloor friendly sound that is perfect for a Friday night.

Jean Carne is from Atlanta and released this gem on the seminal Philadelphia International label, home of some sensational soul, funk and disco.


*Artist #522


Teena Marie – Square Biz

I really enjoyed my musically meandering 2011, stumbling into many tracks that knocked me out whom I couldn’t have imagined liking as I embarked on the voyage in January. One of my frustrations is that it forced my taste to be ephemeral. I never felt as though I could dwell on any particular artist and investigate them fully.

Teena Marie is a perfect example of this. It has taken me until now to get back to giving her a further listen after posting her last January. She makes upbeatm funky music of which this is a perfect example. 

I got the best, the most, baby, from coast to coast and I don’t wanna boast, but I love you Square Biz… 



The Bar-Kays – Open your heart

I seem to be in the mood for funk this week. I was reminded of these guys by a friend this week and I thought I would revist them. I first came across them on a Stax compliation a while ago.

I love this track, it is upbeat and funky with that classic 80’s groove.


Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

I am going to see these guys tonight at the Jazz Cafe and am pretty excited about it. It should be a great show, and an interesting crowd.

There is something distinctly epic about this track, like Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young meet Miles Davis in an early 70’s melting pot.


27th November

The Staple Singers – I’ll take you there

Classic soul tune. What an awesome, funky bass line!