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Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life | (GPF)

I know this is cheesy but I heard it for the first time in ages (I think they were using it to promote a Jay-Z  show in Dublin on the radio – a pretty funny choice of song!) a few days ago and the contrast between the sample and the rhymes still made me smile.



Hailu Mergia and the Walias* – Tizita | (NAT)

My world music kick continues. This time the band hails from Ethiopia, although it seems that Hailu Mergia is now a taxi driver in Washington D.C.

I really like the languid feel here. I am not often drawn to instrumental tracks but really enjoyed this and it has a great video to match.

Hailu Mergia:

Hailu Mergia/RjK

*Artist #699


Saint Etienne* – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

CjK Guest Post – Summer Cover #5

This tinkly upbeat version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart hits the summer spot. The song is the third track on Neil Young’s album After the Gold Rush. As one of the first albums I bought I maybe listened too long to the maudlin lyrics and his droney version. The song may have been written for Graham Nash after his split from Joni Mitchell though Young seems to be vague on this.  No matter, the London based group Saint Etienne sailed along with this version in 1990, but still retaining something of the irony.

Saint Etienne:

Saint Etienne/CjK

*Artist #698


Mazzy Star – Cry, Cry

Fade Into You, from Californian band Mazzy Star (which I posted earlier in the year), has been one of my most listened to tracks of 2013 so far.

This track is taken from Among My Swan which was released a couple of years later but also sounds great. A nice, mellow way to start to the week.

Mazzy Star:

Mazzy Star/RjK

Malawi Mouse Boys* – Ndinasangalala (I Was Happy)

My musical fads seem to come in three forms of late: Soul, Hip Hop or African. Recently I definitely seem to have been captivated by the latter and I haven’t felt so invigorated in a while. There is something really fresh and raw about world music.

Malawi Mouse Boys must be the best band name I have heard in a long time. This track is taken from their debut album He is #1, which was released last year. It is every bit as joyous as I could hope and with a great video to match.

Malawi Mouse Boys – He is #1:

Malawi Mouse Boys - He is #1/RjK

*Artist #697