Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

Musaimo and Mbiri Stars* – Sussy

While reflecting on my Top Tracks I realised that some of the very best music I heard in 2012 was African, particularly Sorie Kondi and Dark City Sisters. Following this, I intended to squeeze in some more world music posts towards the end of 2012 but lack of research time meant that I didn’t get around to it.

I dedicated myself to listening to as much music from South America and Africa as I could find this week and came across a couple of gems, not least this. Look out for the rest in the coming days and weeks.

This Kenyan number has all the classic ingredients that appeal to me: an irrepressibly upbeat tone, a relentless tempo and that distinctive tinny guitar sound. Not to mention the video! There is something pure and just utterly charming about it. The simple pleasure watching of ebullient people dancing while keeping perfect rhythm fills my heart with joy.

The video and song both remind me a little of another Kenyan band and blog favourite Nguuni Lovers Lovers, who I posted a couple of years ago.


*Artist #587