Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

Chad Valley* – Fall 4 U featuring Glasser | (NAT)

I have been reading about Oxford’s Hugo Manuel AKA Chad Valley for a while now. He seems to have been featured by just about every website I look to for ideas on new music. He also seemed to included in every “Best of 2012…” list I read over recent weeks. Sometimes you just have to accept that the universe is telling you something.

While I am not wholly convinced just yet by his sound (Depending on the reviewer “chill wave”, “dream pop” or any number of other banal monikers…), I really like this track. The vocals and synthesiser (not to mention the video) give it an 80’s feel that I am always a sucker for. A friend suggested he has a little of the Rick Astley’s about him, in both sound and look. But don’t hold that against him…



*Artist #586