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10th August 2012

Ashanti* – Foolish (GPF)

I can’t believe this is 10 years old! It still sounds as smooth as ever. As I’ve said before I’m just a sucker for music from this era of R’n’B. It takes me back!

The reason I thought of it today is that I was messing about on youtube earlier and came across this DeBarge track which is sampled here.


*Artist #502

9th August 2012

Shlohmo* – The way U do

I persevered today and this is being written via my phone so please forgive my brevity!

I first heard of this guy through a remix of the LOL Boys track I posted last week. I really like it’s mellow, washed out sound.


*Artist #501

8th August 2012

DJ/rupture* – Minesweeper Suite track 1

I thought it fitting that DJ/rupture is artist number 500 on my journey. He (and his show Mudd Up!) has been one of my main finds over the past couple of years. It has opened my ears to so many great artists and new genres. It is a mash up of Gemini Dub by J Boogie and Mahmoud Fadl by Jibal Al Nuba and it taken off his Minesweeper Suite mixtape, which was released in 2002.
Sorry this post is delayed, I tried to do it on my new smartphone last night (check me out) but my ineptitude eventually overcame me!
*Artist #500

7th August 2012

Oasis – Don’t look back in anger

This song was my early teens. It’s taken from one of the first CD’s I ever owned, the amazing (What’s the story) Morning Glory?

Slip inside the eye of your mind, don’t you know you might find a better place to play…

I got my first night in Dublin over me last night. I don’t quite feel like a resident of the fair city quite yet but I am getting there…


6th August 2012

Outkast – Da art of storytellin’ featuring Slick Rick

This is a favourite from Aquemini, Outkast’s third album. It is really great and in my eyes one of the best rap albums ever made. It was from before Ms.Jackson catapulted them into the global stars they are today. And perhaps, one might argue, before they got just a touch too big for their boots.

I said what you wanna be, she said “Alive”. It made me think for a minute, then I looked in her eyes. I coulda died. Time went on, I got grown, rhyme got strong, mind got blown, I came back home to find lil Sasha was gone…

I love just how mellow it is.

5th August 2012

Darwin Deez – DNA

Because my situation is in a state of flux I have struggled to do as much research as normal this week. I.e. I haven’t been able to obsessively listen to as many radio shows and podcasts as normal. Unfortunately this trend will probably continue for a few more days as I am scheduled to move to Dublin full time tomorrow.

As a result I have been revisiting some old favourites. Darwin Deez are a band I stumbled across a couple of years ago, and was spellbound by the wonderful Radar Detector, which was the 5th song I posted in my blogging odyssey last January.

These guys are unashamed hipsters and depending on your views on that particular species you may or may not enjoy this video (and the one for Radar Detector). Personally, I really like it’s simple charm.


4th August 2012

De La Soul – Oooh. featuring Redman

As I have written before De La Soul are a band that profoundly influenced the way I thought about music and are perhaps the single most influential band on my musical taste.

This is the song that began it all. I can still remember hearing it for the first time on Giles Peterson’s worldwide radio show in the summer of 2000. The hook here was like nothing I had ever heard before and I have been hooked on Hip Hop ever since.

Additionally, I love the video here. Typically of De La it is both playful and fun. Let’s just say you don’t really see the Wizard of Oz as a motif in rap videos very often! But I kinda like it.

Party people, your dreams have now been fulfilled. Get your ass up and let’s get ill…

In other news what an amazing day at the olympics! There is something pure about the appeal of track and field that I just can’t get enough of.


3rd August 2012

Spandau Ballet – Gold (GPF)

Short post at the end of a long day and week.

Had to be this right? A special olympic-themed guilty pleasure Friday. I hope you are enjoying the games as much as I am. Here’s to Team GB bringing home a few more golds.


2nd August 2012

LOL Boys* – Changes featuring Heart streets (NAT)

This is probably the track I have listened to most since I moved back to Ireland a couple of weeks ago. There is just something hypnotic and engaging about the vocal. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I have very much enjoyed it.

LOL Boys are a duo based in Los Angles by way go Montreal. They have quite an interesting name. It is very modern, right? An interesting statement on the mobile phone/internet fuelled rise of abbreviations.


*Artist #499

1st August 2012

The Specials – A message to you, Rudy

This must be one of the catchiest riffs of all time, the trombone is so fly. It is a great, feel good summer song (I seem to be posting a lot of these this week for some reason, not exactly sure why).This is taken from The Specials’ eponymous 1979 debut album and is a cover of a 60’s Jamaican rocksteady song.