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4th August 2012

De La Soul – Oooh. featuring Redman

As I have written before De La Soul are a band that profoundly influenced the way I thought about music and are perhaps the single most influential band on my musical taste.

This is the song that began it all. I can still remember hearing it for the first time on Giles Peterson’s worldwide radio show in the summer of 2000. The hook here was like nothing I had ever heard before and I have been hooked on Hip Hop ever since.

Additionally, I love the video here. Typically of De La it is both playful and fun. Let’s just say you don’t really see the Wizard of Oz as a motif in rap videos very often! But I kinda like it.

Party people, your dreams have now been fulfilled. Get your ass up and let’s get ill…

In other news what an amazing day at the olympics! There is something pure about the appeal of track and field that I just can’t get enough of.