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20th August 2012

Cat Power* – Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar remix)

Cat Power is an American singer-songwriter who makes music that is both minimal and sometimes melancholic. I had heard lots of good reports about her but nothing had really moved me too strongly before now.
However, I really like this. It is a remix by American-Chilean DJ Nicolas Jaar and is taken from Cat Power’s upcoming album Sun. It is mellow yet full of gravity, it has been soothing my racing mind this week as I continue to adjust to my new surroundings. 
*Artist #506

19th August 2012

Radiohead – There There

I was listening to a radio show over the weekend as I endeavoured to catch up on the research I had missed over the last few weeks while moving from London to Dublin. The DJ (Lamin Fofana on WFMU) was talking about Hail to the thief, the album this is taken from. This caused me to give it a listen and I quite enjoyed it, although I don’t ever think I will be a Radiohead devotee. This was the stand out track in my eyes.

I hope you all had a good weekend.


18th August 2012

Aretha Franklin – I say a little prayer

Such a classic. I heard this on the radio earlier and haven’t been able to stop hearing it in my mind’s jukebox since.

I don’t think I can say anything that will enhance it (as usual) so my advice is just to sit back and enjoy…


17th August 2012

Frankie goes to Hollywood* – Relax (don’t do it) | (GPF)

I heard this played during the opening ceremony of the Olympics and it reminded my (guiltily) about how much I enjoyed it. I think it is the relentless bass that does it for me. Pretty classic 80’s video here too. White gloves!!


*Artist #505

16th August 2012

Aesop Rock* – Odessa featuring Dose One (NAT)

2012 has been a year where my affection for hip hop has undergone a big rennaisance. If I am honest I had just about given up on the genre. So it has been very refreshing to stumble across several artists which have gotten me excited.

Aesop Rock is a NYC rapper currently based in San Francisco, and this is taken from his deubt EP Appleseed which was released in 1999.


*Artist #504

15th August 2012

Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators* – My four leaf clover

In posting this I am slightly backtracking on my earlier assertion that there is no good soul music being produced any more, having also posted Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings a few weeks ago.

Nicole Willis is an American singer, songwriter and painter who is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Also, The Soul Investigators ranks as one of my favourite band names of all time.

This is just so damn infectious.

My heart I’m ready to give…


*Artist #503

14th August 2012

The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1

This is a beautiful if somewhat inscrutable track from eccentric Oklahoma mad men The Flaming Lips. This is fairly typical of their work in that I don’t really know what they’re on about but still find it pretty irresistable. It is taken from the album of the same name which has a pretty good sleeve:


13th August 2012

Fatboy Slim – Praise You

Apologies for another delayed post. This new job (and the lack of internet at home) is really starting to eat into my time to research and post!
Another classic tune from my formative years. A great video too, a flash mob before they were a thing.

12th August 2012

David Bowie – Heroes

This has been seeping into my consciousness over the past 2 weeks during the Olympics as it seems to have been playing on loop at all the different venues. I’m not complaining as it is a great and very fitting track to have chosen as the soundtrack to the games.


11th August 2012

Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers – Jesus gave me water

There is something about gospel music from this era that I find utterly compelling. I think it is the purity of the vocal, which is particulalry exemplified here by the wonderful Sam Cooke who used the Soul Stirrers as a springboard to mainstream success before tragically passing away before his time.

On another note, what a performance by Mo Farrah tonight! He seems like such a decent bloke too, I was delighted for him.