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The Housmartins* – Happy Hour (GPF)

Tonight’s post is something akin to live blogging. I am just home from a convivial evening with a good friend celebrating the fact that he had avoided deportation. This was on the stereo in one of the bars we stumbled across. I had forgotten how fun it is – 3 minutes of pop perfection with a spirited video to match (look closely here to spot a very young Fatboy Slim). 

It’s happy hour again…


*Artist #392


Beyonce* – Crazy in love (GPF)

I seem to have posted more female singers this week than usual. Anyway, while revisiting some Whitney Houston last weekend I stumbled across this and was reminded of what a fine pop song it is.

I also kind of like the ridiculous, over the top video.


*Artist #386


Whitney Houston* – I wanna dance with somebody (GPF)

It’s Friday again (thanks goodness). That means another cheesy, upbeat tune. A colleague reminded me of Whitney this week and was talking about seeing her in concert last year. Wow! What an amazing voice. Also a very pleasingly kitschy and perfectly 80’s video here. I hope you have a great weekend.


*Artist #382


Paula Cole* – Where have all the cowboys gone? (GPF)

I have read a lot about Lana Del Rey recently, she seems to be almost ubiquitous. This made me curious about her and so I investigated. Her music was okay but what struck me was how the song I heard reminded me of this, a real blast from the past.
Hearing it brought me back to school days and summers. It is cheesy but impossible to get out of your head.

Where is my lonely ranger? Where have all the cowboys gone?… 


*Artist #380

27th January 2012

Janet Jackson* – All for you (GPF)

Turns out Michael wasn’t the only one of the Jackson clan to have some pop music game. This is perfectly produced and with great vocals it is simply irresistible. Those amoung you with hawk ears may recognise a sample of The glow of love by Change in there.

*Artist #376


Asia* – Heat of the moment (GPF)

This is cheesy but enjoyable. It has a wonderful 80’s feel; the big chorus, big hair, white shoes and ‘special effects’ in the video. I heard it this week on my travels and it made me smile. I hope it does the same for you. 


*Artist #374

13th January 2012

Phil Collins* – Easy Lover (GPF)

Another Friday, another guilty pleasure. There is something completely naff about Phil Collins but at the same time utterly irresistible.
*Artist #370


R.Kelly* – Bump n’ grind

As I mentioned yesterday my intention is to make Thursdays about bands that are new to the blog. On Fridays I will be posting some guilty pleasures. Now that I have spent a year meticulously gaining credibility by steadfastly posting esoteric bands I feel that I can afford to lighten up a little. The songs will be party tunes that I decided not to post last year because they are too naff, profane or shameful but that I actually quite like.

Bump n’ Grind, much to my surprise, turned out to be something of an anthem during a year I spent in California. I mostly heard and enjoyed it ironically, but not wholly. R.Kelly by all accounts is a douche bag but he knows how to put together a pop song. Also, this may have the most hilarious intro ever!

My mind’s tellin’ me nnnooo but my body, my body’s telling me yeeahusss. Baby. I don’t want to hurt nobody, but there is something that I must confess………..


*Artist #367

29th April

Madonna – Holiday

London was gripped by royal wedding fever today. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. However, I ended up at street party in Kennington and despite my cynicism it was really fun – like a raucous outdoor wedding reception. They played this, along with some other classic cheesy tunes. It’s a favourite party anthem of mine.

Oh 80’s Madonna – where did it all go wrong?