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18th December 2012

Ian Dury and The Blockheads* – Hit me with your rhythm stick | (Helen Chandler guest post)

Hit me with your rhythm stick / It’s nice to be a lunatic. What a great lyric. Every couplet in this song makes me smile. Not in a beaming ‘I’m so happy’ sort of way, but more in a wry ‘ah, very clever’ acknowledgement of Dury’s lyrical elasticity. Ian Dury was fantastically strange, clever and original.

There’s a bench dedicated to him at Poets’ Corner in Richmond Park, which I’ve been meaning to visit. It was originally intended to act as a listening point where you could plug in headphones and listen to Dury’s music. But it was repeatedly vandalised so that lovely element had to be scrapped. This is why we can’t have nice things.
*Artist #576

14th December 2012

Sister Sledge – He’s the greatest dancer (GPF)

I was at my office Christmas party last night. Things really got out of hand. Needless to say I am feeling rather delicate this morning.

Also, for some unknown reason the Wikipedia page for this song was open on my phone when I woke up. Clearly my drunken self was trying to send a message.


5th December 2012

Rick James* – Mary Jane

Rick James? What a beast! I was going to post this on a Friday but then I realised that I wasn’t guilty about it at all. Simply put, it is FLY. The video here is also suitably manic.

The only issue is that Dave Chapelle has meant that I haven’t been able to think about Rick James in the same way.


*Artist #568

20th October 2012

The Jackson Five* – I want you back

As I mentioned I was in Oxford today for a wedding in beautiful Hertford College. It’s certainly nicer that Hertford, Hertfordshire which I had the dubious pleasure of spending a significant amount time travelling through in a past life.

I wanted to post a positive “wedding” kind of track. It doesn’t get more feel good than this! I don’t normally go for live versions but I couldn’t resist this. How young does Michael Jackson look!?


*Artist #539

19th October 2012

Earth, Wind and Fire* – That’s the way of the world (GPF)

Classic smooth 70’s track from Disco titans Earth, Wind and Fire.

I hope you have a great weekend, I am off to Oxford this evening for a wedding tomorrow. Should be a fun night.

Hearts of fire creates love desire. Take you higher and higher…

*Artist #537

21st September 2012

Jean Carne* – We got some catching up to do (GPF)

I like this so much it almost feels wrong to suggest it is a guilty pleasure. But it has the kind of dancefloor friendly sound that is perfect for a Friday night.

Jean Carne is from Atlanta and released this gem on the seminal Philadelphia International label, home of some sensational soul, funk and disco.


*Artist #522

23rd July 2012

Luke Million* – Arnold

I’m not really sure what to say about this! This is strange and a more than a little kitschy but at the same time very infectious. Despite being released fairly recently it has a timeless catchy, disco sound with a bizarre video to match.
Luke Million is an Australian DJ (I seem to have posted a lot of Antipodeans recently) who is part of a disco collective called The Swiss.
I have been enjoying a relaxing couple of days at my parent’s house. It’s been nice to take it easy before really getting into gear for my move to Dublin. Still lots to do but I’m not thinking about that just at the moment!
Down, up, down, up, down. Come on, more energy…
*Artist #493

19th July 2012

Alexander Holland* – The Best of Me (NAT)

This is just so upbeat and full of energy it I find it irresistibleI love how it melds together a modern house sound with a classic disco flavour. It also matches my mood as I prepare to leave London tomorrow. I’ve moved beyond feeling sad to be leaving to being excited for the new challenge that awaits me in Dublin.
Alexander Holland is a DJ hailing from (to quote Resident Advisor) “the great city of Adelaide, Australia, with it’s meager but passionate wine loving population of 1 million.”
Best of me? I’m gonna get the best of you…
*Artist #489

13th July 2012

Heatwave* – Boogie Nights

Rather unbelievably it is my last Friday night in London before moving to Dublin. As such, I plan to go out with a bang this evening and wanted something to set the mood. When I am looking to set this tone I go in two directions – Hip Hop (that is up tempo, old school or preferably both) and, as in this case, Disco. The majority of my party anthems come from these two sources. 

As it happened I woke up with this song in my head anyway so it was a relatively easy decision (especially given how amazing the video is). It may be a long evening… 
I also like the below Youtube comment which was left on the video. Simple but to the point: 
The 00s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 90s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 80s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation  
The 70s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation 
The 60s “Music is crap these days” ~ Older generation… 

Boogie nights. Ain’t no doubt, we are here to party… 
*Artist #484

29th June 2012

Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band* – Sunshower (GPF)

This classic 70’s funky disco tune seemed apt to post today, which featured both bright sunshine and heavy rain in North London.

Sunshower, just a sign of the power of loving you, oh Baby…

I first heard it when it was sampled in several of my favourite hip hop tunes like Can I kick it? by A tribe called Quest and this Ghostface tune.


*Artist #473