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Prince – I wanna be you lover

I am an unashamedly big Prince fan. A lot of my friends don’t really seem to understand why. I know he is a little eccentric (to put it mildly) but at the end of the day he made great music and a remarkable amount of it.  

This is one of his earlier numbers, taken from the Prince album. It is classic Prince – funky and imaginative, it makes me want to move every time I hear it.

The other thing I like about Prince is that he was the basis for the funniest sketch I have ever seen.

The Emotions – Best of my love

Post-move internet problems mean I will keep this brief. This is one of my all time favourite disco tracks. Try listening to it and not wanting to bust a move. Go on – I DARE you.



Bee Gees – More than a woman

I am in the process of moving house. It never gets any more fun does it? Anyway, I have just finished boxing up my records. In there I found the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, an LP I had forgotten that I owned. It is full of great tunes, but this one grabbed me most today.

An added bonus is the amazing video here. You can’t beat a bit of disco now and again.

Sister Sledge – Lost in music

This is the song that gives this blogs it’s name. It’s also a stomping disco classic. It’s the kind of tune that the DJ in my dream nightclub knows very well.

For anyone who is intending to get a little loose this evening, this is the kind of track I hope you encounter somewhere along the way.


Le Kid – Mercy Mercy

I was unsure whether to post this or not. In the end I went for it as I want this blog to be an accurate reflection of what I am currently listening to. Even if, without doubt, I will look back at this and cringe. And I have to (guiltily) admit that I have been listening to this today. A lot. It is just so damn infectious.

It is fun though. I was going to have to embrace my kitsch side sooner or later. And this is kitsch in spades. An added bonus is the video which is camp-tastic. The Pet Shop Boys would be proud of it!