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Michael Jackson – Beat It

For me, this is perfect Saturday music. It makes me want to move

It is taken from the late, great Micheal Jackson’s classic 1982 album Thriller, which has to one of the greatest records ever made. The video is rather spectacular too, showcasing Jackson at the height of his powers.

Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson /RjK

Survivor* – Eye Of The Tiger | (GPF)

I came across this 80’s classic from Survivor while doing wedding party playlist research earlier in the week. Once I saw the video (what a classic and not even a Rocky sighting) I knew I had to post it. Beret-tastic!



*Artist #750

Van Morrison – Dweller on the Threshold (live)

I am a little wary of over posting Van Morrison (especially having posted another live version of his only a few weeks ago), it is apparent that my regard for his work is probably higher than most. However, one of the things I have tried to achieve through this blog is to document my musical taste and the journeys it takes me on and over the past few weeks Van’s live work is something I have been mining heavily. He is the most masterful performer I know.

This is taken from a 1982 performance in Germany. The original track is taken from Beautiful Vision, which was released the same year. I especially love the trumpet and saxophone…

Van Morrison:

Van Morrison/RjK

Madonna – Into the groove | (GPF)

Even though Madonna seems to have rather turned into a parody of herself in recent times, I can’t help but listen to her music from back in the day and give it up to her. She definitely had some musical game.

This track is taken from the 1985 movie Desperately Seeking Susan.

Oh 80’s Madonna, where did is all go wrong?…

Madonna circa 1985:


The Blues Brothers* – Everybody Needs Somebody To Love | (GPF)

I was reminded of The Blues Brothers recently and what an utterly classic movie it is. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd are so talented, and they managed to assemble a pretty starry array of soul greats to make cameo appearances.

While there are lots of strong musical performances (James Brown as a maniacal preacher is another particular highlight) and despite the fact that it isn’t the definitive version of the track (I posted Solomon Burke a while back) this, for me, is the high point of the movie. Jake and Elwood know how to move! Also, I particularly enjoy it when they give a shout out to the representatives of the Illinois Law Enforcement Community…

The Blues Brothers:

The Blues Brothers/RjK

*Artist #729