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The Blue Nile – Easter Parade

Another 80’s favourite The Blue Nile were one of a number of Scottish bands to come to prominence around the same time and make lots of good music. They are somewhat mercurial, leaving long periods between releasing records but I have loved everything they have (sporadically) released. They really are an little known gem of a band.

I think this song is achingly beautiful and while it was tough to choose one of their songs in particular this is probably my favourite.

16th March

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Kate Bush is one of my very top artists from the 1980’s (and I have a few). She is a national treasure, an eccentric who makes excellent and eclectic music.

It was hard to single out one track in particular but this is certainly up there with my favourites. Typical of her it is mystical and engaging. Also another interesting video, alas it is no Wuthering Heights but still pretty good.


6th March

Michael Jackson – Thriller

A friend and I were talking somewhat irreverently about Michael Jackson yesterday. When I got home I got to thinking that it is easy to dismiss the caricature that he became near the end and forget how talented he really was.

He released so many great songs and albums and when you take into account The Jackson Five it is actually pretty amazing. But what strikes me most about this video is that he could flat out MOVE. I would love to exhibit that amount of grace just once in my life.

Van Halen – Jump

Spandex? Check. Hoop Earring? Check. Bouffant hair? Check. Tight trousers? Check. Amazing synth? Check. This must have been released in the 80’s then. It is cheesy but hard to dislike.

Things I love about this video include (but are not limited to) – the guitarist’s leopardprint jacket/white scarf combo, the ridiculous oversize drum kit, the singer’s high kicks, the drummer’s headband and shiny green sleeveless leather jacket.

/Van Halen – Jump

New Order – Age of consent

For me, New Order ARE the 80’s. They were the first band that really lead me to realise that it was a decade worth investigating.

Just as I struggled yesterday to pick out one track in particular, today was also a challenge. I wanted to mark my 50th post with a bang so I thought I would go with this – something I think to be an underrated gem.


The Human League – Don’t you want me

This song IS the 80’s and I thought it was about time I mined that decade a little further.

Also You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar must be one of the all time great opening lines.