7 Big (re)discoveries of 2011

1) Radio – Rediscovered the simple joy of listening to the radio, predominately over the interned. Particularly WFMU, thanks to a good tip from my buddy. In particular Mudd Up! and Downtown Soulville. Also 6music and Tom Ravenscroft and the 6mix. Both are a treasure trove of good music.

2) World Music fascinates me – This was a big surprise. It started when I revisited Rhythm of the saints and was staggered by it and continued through the rest of the year. I would never have imagined how much pleasure I would find in Malian music.

3) I like Electronica a lot more than I realised – For a good portion of the year I had posted more Electronica than soul, which was a big surprise.

4) Blogs and blogging – This blog obviously. It was a good cultural outlet for me and I liked the discipline of posting once a day. But I also enjoyed reading other blogs like The sartorialist, Awesome tapes from Africa. Also, I finally “got” Twitter.

5) I feel fatigued reading about the “crisis in the eurozone” – One more article about the Greek economy and I might throw up (boke).

6) Blueberries – The fact that they are utterly delicious had somehow escaped my notice before last year.

7) Mad Men – Don Draper? What a beast.RjK

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