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Bombino* – Amidinine | (NAT)

Apologies for the rather esoteric choices this week, I just go where the music takes me.

A friend sent me this last week and I have been really enjoying it since. It is taken from Niger artist Bombino‘s recently released album Nomad.

Given his rather exotic roots and the fact that my friend used Tinariwen (another Tuareg band) as a comparison I was a little taken aback that I both understood the reference and really enjoyed the song! I suppose it goes to show how far writing this blog has expanded my musical horizons.



*Artist #666

Dean Blunt – Papi

A nice quiet and perhaps slightly dark track here from Dean Blunt, who I know next to nothing about, other that he (along with Inga Copeland) used to go by the name Hype Williams.

I really like his voice, it is rather distinctive. The only other singer who I can think of who is like it is Stuart A. Staples of Tindersticks.