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The Underachievers* – The Mahdi

This track, by Hip Hop duo The Underachievers who are from Flatbush Avenue, New York, is one of several rap tunes that has excited me recently. Look out for more in the coming days. It is taken from Indigoism which they recently released on Brainfeeder records.

An added bonus here is the video, which I really like. It’s a very simple, classic motif featuring some classic urban landscapes.

The Underachievers:

The Underachievers/RjK

*Artist #631

Maallem Paco Abderrahmane* – Damman Lebled | (NAT)

I am really not sure what I can say about this other than I can’t believe how utterly transfixed I have been by it over the past couple of days. It is otherworldly and hypnotic, perhaps reminiscent in this regard of last year’s favourite by The Congos.

I really don’t know much about it other than it is from Morocco and it you are interested you can find out more at Moroccan Tape Stash. I discovered it via DJ/Rutpture who sadly played his last Mudd Up! radio show last week.


*Artist #627

Pulp – Common People

I am aware that a few of my recent posts have been a little obscure and/or esoteric. I guess I have just been bitten by the live music bug and this has in turn lead me to expand my musical horizons anew.

I haven’t, howvever, forgotten about my musical roots. This track is one of the most indelible of my school days. On reflection I am surprised that I hadn’t posted it already. It’s hard to beat Britpop heroes Pulp and their brand of highbrow pop.

I want to live like common people. I want to do whatever common people do. I want to sleep with common people, I want to sleep with common people like you…



Homeboy Sandman – Not Really

Homeboy Sandman, Dublin, 9th March 2013

I saw New York rapper Homeboy Sandman at The Sugar Club on Saturday night. For the second successive weekend (after seeing Linnea Olsson the previous week) while attending a gig without really knowing what to expect I  was pleasantly surprised.

The venue was a little unusual for Hip Hop with it being mostly seated and when he took the stage in his own quiet fashion the atmosphere was rather subdued. Given that by the time he finished up with Whatchu want from me? the majority of the crowd were bouncing up and down in front of him I would say his was a job well done.

He is not the typical rapper, brash and full of bravado, with his style being a little more cerebral and understated and he gave a performance to match. No bling, no oversized crew, no posturing, just him, his mic and his DJ. It was rather refreshing and made me warm to him all the more.

All in all, it a very successful evening. I even managed to snag a rather cheesy picture with him afterwards.

Homeboy Sandman and RjK:

Homeboy Sandman and RjK/RjK