Daily Archives: February 5, 2012


Sigur Rós – Samskeyti

Sigur Rós are Icelandic chill out heroes. As usual, I was striving for something soothing for Sunday night and this did the trick. It is taken from their splendid, if esoterically named () album.

London has been somewhat arctic over the past week and especially the last 24 hours. I walked home last night through the first big snow storm of the winter. Somehow, not having to get up and brave it on my way to work the next morning made it a lot more tolerable.


4th February 2012

Youth Lagoon – Posters

I have had quite a cultural week, which is more of a rarity for me than I would like. I went to a fabulous exhibit in the Royal Academy yesterday. It was a collection of work by David Hockney and it took my breath away in it’s scale and boldness. A good friend once told me that he felt that doing things which stimulate you intellectually is good for your soul. I couldn’t have agreed with him more last night.

Youth Lagoon are favourites I discovered last year. They make music that sounds languid and somewhat washed out but very enjoyable. Also, the cover of their album (featured as the background for this video) is pretty dope.