Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Rolling Stones – Gimme shelter

This is my very favourite Stones track, and I am not sure it’s even that close. If I ever needed a produce call to arms, I would use this for background music.


Josh Rouse – 1972

I was big on Josh Rouse while at university culminating in seeing him play an excellent gig what seems like a lifetime ago in Belfast. I had subsequently forgotten about him somewhat.

This track, taken from the album of the same name, shuffled on to my MP3 player this week and reminded me how much I enjoyed it. Gentle and contemplative, it made me think of some happy times gone by.


J Dilla featuring Pharoahe Monche – Love

J Dilla was a DJ from Detroit who sadly died much too young a few years ago. He produced some of my favourite tracks for artists like Common, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots and Slum Village. Hearing this on the radio recently reminded me just how talented he was. The man knew a beat when he heard one.

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

Don’t know too much about these NYC hipsters. I had heard some friends reference them glowingly in dispatches but never really encountered them until this song. It is completely infectious. Standard behaviour for me but I have been utterly unable to get this out of my head.

Also, the offbeat video is enjoyable.


Theophilius London – Accept the new

I really enjoyed this guy’s album I want you late last year. It sounds fresh, and this is probably my highlight. The album also contains a slight hint of something playfully kitsch which works really well.

Also, is it just me or does it sound a little like Joe Jackson’s Stepping Out features in this track somewhere?


The Antlers – Kettering

I thought this song was befitting of a cool, gray Sunday. I listened to this band a lot after discovering them at the start of last year. While their music can be a little morose (I suppose that’s what you expect from a concept album based on the story of a cancer patient) I find it enjoyable and soothing.

I also had a very entertaining evening about a year ago seeing these guys live in a candlelit church in Islington, a setting that very much enhanced the show.


United Four – She’s putting you on

This is one of the best soul tunes I have heard in a while. While being quite short it is everything you would want, being joyous and dynamic. Also, I think this video suits the song well.


Bjork – All is full of love

I was always going to post Bjork sooner or later. I have an almost irrational affection for her music, which I find to be beautiful and mesmerising. This is from what is probably my favourite of her albums Homogenic.

In addition, this is a great video, fitting of Bjork’s idiosyncratic personality.


J.Mascis and the fog – Ammaring

Posting the Neil Young and Thin Lizzy tracks in the past few days reminded me of this. It has a similarly memorable guitar riff.

This song reminds me of a really old friend and being young and completely clueless while driving around in his car. Happy times!


The Bamboos – You ain’t no good

I discovered these guys quite recently. They are a funk/soul band from Melbourne, Australia. Have been really enjoying their album “4”. I imagine they would be fun live and I will be keeping my eyes open for a show in London in 2011.