Daily Archives: February 25, 2011

Freddie Scott – (You) Got what I need

I was in the mood to post some hip hop today, but then I remembered this. It is sampled in two rap songs that I really like and am sure will post at some stage (*Spoiler alert* – Biz Markie – Just a friend and Ghostface – Save me dear).

It is interesting how being sampled can make you hear a song in a new light and give it new life. However, I can’t think of another track that has been used twice in songs I enjoy. Let me know which of the three you prefer, or if you can think of another song that has been productively sampled more than once.

Miles Davis – Someday My Prince Will Come

I thought a change of pace was in order following a few days of fairly recent pop music. Not that it was a bad thing, I just get bored with too much of the same thing. Jazz is something I don’t feel grown up enough to really appreciate fully. Somehow I have always loved this track though – it is so smooth and soothing and this combined with hint of wistfulness is a powerful mixture. It has been a welcome calming influence on few occasions when I have needed it.