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Kanye West and Jay-Z – Otis

2012 was the year of hip hop. Or certainly that’s how it seemed to me. I have been thinking about my top tracks of 2012 over the past few days. Look out for a few tasty hip hop numbers to slip in there (I’ll post the list tomorrow). My admiration for the genre has certainly been reignited over the past 12 months after a long spell of disillusionment.

As such, it seems appropriate to end my second year of blogging with two titans of the scene. Also, I ended year one with Otis and there is a nice symmetry to ending year two with him also.

The track is filled with clever rhymes, it’s like Jay-Z and Kanye are trying to get one over on each other with each passing verse.

Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses. Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive…

An added bonus is a cameo in the video of Aziz Ansari (AKA the hillatious Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation).

Happy new year…


21st December 2012

Will Smith* – Gettin’ jiggy wit’ it (GPF)

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

I was inspired to post this by last week’s guilty pleasure, He’s The Greatest Dancer which this samples extensively (and in fairness to pretty good effect). I was in two minds though until I saw the video (it’s frustrating that I wasn’t able to find a better quality one) and then couldn’t resist.


*Artist #579

17th December 2012

Shabazz Palaces – Recollections of the wraith

Over recent days I have been totally smitten by this, probably more so than any track I have heard in the past few weeks. The sample so fresh, I have found myself utterly hypnotised by it.

Some nice mellow listening to ease us all into the last week before Christmas. It is taken from Seattle-based hip hoppers Shabazz Palaces’ debut studio album Black Up.

Is it just me or can I hear a bit of Outkast in their music?


14th December 2012

Sister Sledge – He’s the greatest dancer (GPF)

I was at my office Christmas party last night. Things really got out of hand. Needless to say I am feeling rather delicate this morning.

Also, for some unknown reason the Wikipedia page for this song was open on my phone when I woke up. Clearly my drunken self was trying to send a message.


Child Rebel Soldier* – Us placers

This is another hip hop track that has an interesting sample, in this case using The Eraser by Thom Yorke. It isn’t exactly Move On Up (in fairness, what is?) but I think it works really well and reminds me a little of favourites from earlier in the year Jay Electronica and Shabazz Palaces.

Child Rebel Soldier are a hip hop “supergroup” featuring Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Willams which is a pretty solid trio.


*Artist #553

7th November 2012

Gift of Gab – Way of the light

This is taken from Oakland MC Gift of Gab’s first solo album 4th Dimensional Rocketships going up. Great album name, even better content. It was a big favourite from university and I have already featured Flashback, which is equally excellent.

This was on my mind because I remembered the really fresh sample while in London over the weekend. My mind’s ear works in mysterious ways sometimes.


2nd November 2012

Royce da 5’9* – Boom (GPF)

This mid-90’s Hip Hop banger from Detroit rapper Royce da 5’9 is one of my favourite party tunes. The beat is provided by hip hop legend and genius producer DJ Premier.

I am over in London for the weekend for a friend’s birthday and hope to hear some stuff like this tonight. This is for you Jimmy, here’s to a good night! 


*Artist 547

23rd September 2012

De La Soul – Breakadawn

2012 has definitely seen me fall back in love with Hip Hop, probably my first musical love. And while I have posted quite a bit of their music already this year it seems fitting to keep returning to De La Soul the band that really began it all for me, when I purchased their seminal 3 feet high and rising album. Nothing has ever sounded the same since.

This is just smooth, which is just what’s required for a Sunday night while I gather myself together for a busy week ahead. Also, listen out for the choice Michael Jackson sample here.


Nas – Testify

I love how languid this is, the hook is so fresh. It’s taken from Nas’ Untitled 2008 album.

I was recalling this week when I saw Nas play in Dublin. It must have been around ‘04. I was pretty disillusioned by the crowd (lots of tracksuits) and support acts (I remember one was two lads from Cork “rapping” about the interent), but he still brought it. I also was standing about 10 meters from Kelis, who he was married to at the time.


21st August 2012

Moodymann – Why do U feel?

This has been my fix so far this week. The sample has completely infected my brain, it is so smooth and hypnotic I can’t listen to it enough.

Moodymann is a Detroit based DJ who seems to take inspiration and influence (as you can hear in this) from many different genres. I posted another track of his earlier in the year and it has a similarly perfect sample.