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16th April 2012

Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras & The Congos* – Happy Song

This was ideal listening earlier for a jarring Monday morning. It is mellow, languid and hypnotic and soothed the day away.

This is taken from an interesting upcoming collaboration between roots reggae pioneers The Congos and hip LA band Sun Araw. I intend to investigate it some more as soon as the opportunity presents itself.


*Artist #422


Finley Quaye – Your love gets sweeter

This is such a simple, charming song. Perfect for a grey Sunday evening. It is taken from Maverick a strike, which was a favourite from my schooldays.


30th August

The Black Seeds – Cool me down

These guys are another Reggae Band from New Zealand. I did some research after getting into Fat Freddy’s Drop and getting a tip from a friend, and they are one of a number of bands that are worth checking out.

Also, the eagle-eyed amoungst you may spot Bret McKenzie (from Flight of the concords) in the video. This is his old band. They are probably less funny but more funky and mellow. If you are unfamiliar with FOTC – they are also worth a look.


Dennis Brown – Money in my pocket

Classic tune from the crown prince of reggae. It may be my favourite reggae tune of all time. I love how mellow it is, it always puts me in a relaxed mood.


Althea and Donna – Uptown top ranking

Another track I have wanted to post for ages. It is a classic tunes with an all time great riff. It is languid. funky and irresistible when heard in the vicinity of a dance floor.

15th June

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Hope

Fat Freddy’s Drop are an eclectic New Zealand 7 piece band who put on a great live show. I saw them in East London in September and was very impressed with their energetic performance.

I really like this one in particular because it is so mellow. It has soothed many a hangover. Based on a true story, the album it is taken from, is also well worth a listen and is both one of my most cherished LP’s.


Errol Dunkley – You’re gonna need me

This has an old fashioned simplicity which I really like. Also, I thought it was about time I posted some reggae.