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The Cure* – Boys don’t cry

This song seems to have been following me around recently. The guitar riff is utterly infectious. It is also a slight surprise to me that The Cure haven’t featured in my 365 days journey until now.

The Cure:

The Cure/RjK

*Artist #650

New Order – Regret

As 365 days nears the milestone of reaching the 600th artist to be featured (599 and counting…) we have been taking stock of  what has been posted so far.

As part of this process I realised I had only posted one New Order track so far. Their legacy and lasting impact on the new music I hear today merits more than that.

Look out for artist number 600 in the coming days. Let me know if you have any suggestions…


19th December 2012

Belouis Some* – Imagination (Mr Rossi False Opposition Edit) 

Mr.Rossi, the DJ who remixed this sent it to me speculatively over Soundcloud. It was great that someone took the time to send me something, particularly given that it is exactly my kind of thing.

I really like it’s sound – a modern take on a quintessentially 80’s track. I also think it follows on rather well from Helen’s Ian Dury post yesterday given both track’s somewhat irreverent vibe.


Thanks Mr.Rossi!


*Artist #577

18th December 2012

Ian Dury and The Blockheads* – Hit me with your rhythm stick | (Helen Chandler guest post)

Hit me with your rhythm stick / It’s nice to be a lunatic. What a great lyric. Every couplet in this song makes me smile. Not in a beaming ‘I’m so happy’ sort of way, but more in a wry ‘ah, very clever’ acknowledgement of Dury’s lyrical elasticity. Ian Dury was fantastically strange, clever and original.

There’s a bench dedicated to him at Poets’ Corner in Richmond Park, which I’ve been meaning to visit. It was originally intended to act as a listening point where you could plug in headphones and listen to Dury’s music. But it was repeatedly vandalised so that lovely element had to be scrapped. This is why we can’t have nice things.
*Artist #576