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The Unthanks* – Here’s the tender coming

I have to confess I don’t really know too much about this track or band. I spotted they were playing in Dublin at the weekend and I had never heard of them so I thought I would check them out. Wikipedia tells me they are a band from England’s North-East featuring two sisters.

Whilst perhaps the song is a little lightweight I have been unable to shake it all day. There is something about the sheer simplicity that has completely captivated me. I am sure this will pass soon (as it always does). There is also something about singers with strong accents that I find interesting, and I detect more than a hint of Geordie here.

Also, is it just me or do family groups produce perfect harmonies? I am thinking here particularly of The Beach Boys and The Bee Gees who were/are both spectacular in their own ways. Are there any other examples that you particularly like which I am forgetting?

The Unthanks:

The unthanks/RjK

*Artist #615

Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone

A short post today having spent all day yesterday agonising over my top 30 tracks of 2012.

To my surprise, I realised over Christmas that I hadn’t posted this already. Quite an oversight on my part. It is taken from the classic 1965 Highway 61 Revisited album, it’s one of Bob Dylan’s high points (in fairness there are quite a few to choose from).


Laura Nyro – Mother’s Spiritual

I was talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago about Joni Mitchell and it reminded me of Laura Nyro (like Nero) who was a 1960’s contemporary of hers.

This is from her 1984 album of the same name and is simple and quite beautiful. Some nice mellow, Sunday listening.


*Artist #567

Neil Young – Heart of gold

Some nice, mellow Monday listening to ease you into your week.

Neil Young has been on my mind for a couple of reasons recently. He has a new album which is due to be released this week. Frankly, I have been too scared to check it out. Amazon keep emailing me about it regardless though! Secondly, The Guardian ran a list of the worst album sleeves of all time and (rather harshly in my opinion) Zuma (which features the amazing Cortez the killer) was in there.



27th October 2012

Feist* – Past in present

I haven’t got too much to say about this. It was a favourite from Berkeley and it came into my head this week. I supposed I quite like the theme of the song and certainly agree with it.

So much past inside my present…


*Artist #545

8th October 2012

Beth Orton* – She cries your name

Norfolk singer Beth Orton was the first gig I ever went to, at the Queen’s Festival in Belfast in what must have been 2000 or 2001. On reflection it was something or a random choice.

She came into my head this week for some strange reason that I can’t quite put my finger on. I can’t say that I listen to her too often these days but I really enjoyed revisiting this track. The slightly off kilter strings that start the track still make for a killer intro.

Birds which scream for territory can learn to sing euphorically…


*Artist #530

15th September 2012

Van Morrison – It’s all in the game / You know what they’re writing about

I have been meaning to post Van for a while. Firstly I am a self confessed devotee of his music but also because I nearly saw him play in Dublin a few weeks ago before inclement weather intervened (why even bother with gigs in parks in Ireland?).

This pair of tracks closes out the 1979 album Into the music. They aren’t his most iconic work but I have listened to them relentlessly over the past few months. I think they are classic Van; starting with a spacey, meandering cover of an obscure 50’s tune then building and building to a crashing, heartfelt crescendo (see about 6:30 onwards).

Meet me down by the pylons...