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Blur – Under the Westway

While gorging myself on 90’s music over recent weeks Blur were that a band I came back to over and over.

During the heyday of Britpop the big question was – Blur or Oasis? I have to confess at the time I came down on the side of Oasis and their more substantial sound.

However, as time’s gone by I can’t help but admire Blur’s evolution. They have gone from the cheeky scallywags who made the pop classic Girls and Boys to opera writing, cheese-making middle-aged purveyors of high culture.

This track was one of my favourites of 2012 and I really like the more mature, almost wistful sound.

Blur – Under the Westway:

Under the Westway


Toploader* – Dancing in the moonlight | (GPF)

Five points if you can remember when this was released. It’s a real blast from the past for me anyway. I have been meaning to post it since revisiting Pumping on Your Stereo a few Fridays ago. They both evoke memories of carefree school days and generally make me smile which aren’t bad traits for a song.

For those of you playing at home Dancing in the Moonlight was released in 1999 and is taken from the uniquely titled Onka’s Big Moka (extra points if you remembered the name of the album).

My suspicion was that Toploader where a one hit wonder but according to Wikipedia they reformed a few years ago so maybe there’s still hope…



*Artist #608

Doves – There goes the fear

Having spent the weekend with two old school friends there are two reasons to post this classic track from favourites Doves. Firstly, it was a track I listened to endlessly during those days. Secondly, the fear is very much something I am feeling today…

It is taken from their excellent 2002 album The Last Broadcast. My final point about Doves is that they are one of the best live bands I know. If you ever get the chance to see them, I strongly recommend you take it.


Supergrass – Pumping on your stereo | (GPF)

Posting Oasis last week got me to thinking about Britpop. Those happy 90’s! Supergrass were a band who knew how to make a radio friendly pop song and this is a perfect example. A pretty good video too here, is the intro a little homage to Queen?

Have a great weekend. This is something to help it come a little quicker and help run out the clock this afternoon.

Can you hear us pumping on your stereo?…


Tom Vek – A Chore

I was talking to a friend and fellow blogger on Saturday about some potential improvements to 365 days in 2013 (look out for the fruits of our labour in the coming weeks).

While we were talking he played Tom Vek’s 2011 album Leisure Seizure. I really liked the album at the time but never got around to posting anything from it. It’s release was rather exciting given that it came after and six year hiatus and that 2005’s We Have Sound featured C-C (You set the fire in me) which was abd remains a massive favourite of mine and which I posted much earlier on in my blogging journey.

The thing that strikes me about both tracks is the sense of urgency. I really like that quality in a song.

You’re not really listening to me…


Franz Ferdinand* – Take Me Out

My choices have taken a rather esoteric turn of late so I wanted to return to something slightly more recognisable, for a day anyway!

I was reminded of this track after stumbling across a YouTube playlist compiled by 6music (the best radio station ever). It celebrates their 10th birthday by compiling “100 of the greatest tracks to have been released in their lifetime”. It still has an all time great intro and such a catchy guitar riff, it’s a dancefloor classic and the stuff that indie dreams are made of…


*Artist #591

Oasis – Champagne Supernova

There are two reasons why Oasis have been on my mind recently. Firstly, I was at a pub quiz and one of the questions was “what were the band Oasis originally known as?” The answer is at the bottom, kudos if you know it, it was news to me.

Secondly, someone referred to the Wonderwall Generation in my company (I am kicking myself that I can’t remember the exact context, I think it was sporting). It made me smile initially and then I realised it was a pretty apt way to think of the mid-90’s and probably that I am not far off being a part of said generation.

I have somehow only featured Oasis once so far, posting the peerless Slide Away what is now nearly two year ago! Champagne Supernova is also a classic and perhaps a slightly unappreciated one compared to Don’t look back in anger and Wonderwall, the two biggest hits off the seminal 1995 album (What’s the story) Morning Glory. True story – it was the first ever CD that I owned.

Someday you will find me, caught beneath the landslide in a champagne supernova in the sky…

There is the added bonus of a pretty epically 90’s video here too…


**Oasis were originally know as The Rain

20th December 2012

Twigs* – Breath (NAT)

I have heard varying reports about UK artists Twigs. Some places I read she is portrayed as an unknown, mysterious female version of James Blake. But DJ/Rupture, one of my music oracles, suggested otherwise and I quote “top-down industry product masquerading as white label single. but its good.”

I certainly agree with the last sentiment anyway, and that’s all that really matters. I like the songs quiet intensity. Somehow it was the right song to be listening to on a horrible grey winters day.


*Artist #578

8th October 2012

Beth Orton* – She cries your name

Norfolk singer Beth Orton was the first gig I ever went to, at the Queen’s Festival in Belfast in what must have been 2000 or 2001. On reflection it was something or a random choice.

She came into my head this week for some strange reason that I can’t quite put my finger on. I can’t say that I listen to her too often these days but I really enjoyed revisiting this track. The slightly off kilter strings that start the track still make for a killer intro.

Birds which scream for territory can learn to sing euphorically…


*Artist #530