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Blue Highway* – Lonesome Pine | (GPF)

I stumbled across this on YouTube earlier in the week (it’s scary that Google has worked out I have a weakness for Bluegrass) and inexplicably have had it stuck in my head since. It might be the banjo…

Apparently Blue Highway are a contemporary Bluegrass band from Tennessee. This track is from an album of the same name which was released on Rebel Records in 2006.

Blue Highway:

Blue Highway/RjK

*Artist #683

Solange – I decided

I have been wanting to re-visit Solange since posting Losing You, which was one of my top tracks (and probably my favourite video) of 2012.

I really like this track’s old school flavour. The intro has all the hallmarks of a Motown classic. It could almost be Diana or Martha jumping in with the vocals. A real feel good classic.

Since hearing this I have been reflecting on how astonishing it is that Beyonce may not even be the most talented member of her own family!

Solange getting her Diana Ross on:



J Dilla – Trashy

Nice, mellow track from the late, great Detroit legend J.Dilla. I have been listening to a lot of his music recently after hearing Common give him a shout out on this interesting ode to music by Washington, DC rapper Wale.


J Dilla/RjK