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The Strokes – Someday

This IS my late teens and early 20’s. Is this it along with 3 feet high and rising burst the bubble of my focus on Britpop. They made me realise there was something much more edgy and hip out there to discover.

I heard it for the first time in years a few weeks ago. It has taken a long time but it sounded fresh.It is such a perfect pop song. Full of youthful energy and vigour.


Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla

When I first heard this I thought it was the most beautiful track I had ever heard. It is still pretty glorious quite a few years later. I am not sure what it is exactly but I find it spellbinding. Maybe it is the strange language in which they sing or the undulating between quiet fagility and soaring urgency that makes it entralling.


Amy Winehouse – Tears dry on their own

I was a bit stunned by the news of her death yesterday. There is something numbing about someone so talented and so young dying.

This tune really reminds me of a happy year I spent in Berkeley, CA. It has a sound that is a throw back to some of the great soul music of Stax, Altlantic and Motown. I don’t know if I could pay a song a bigger compliment.



The National – Fake Empire

What I like about this song is the vocal. There is something very compelling about it. Maybe it is the singer’s slightly gruff tone. It is another good wet weather song, one I listened to tonight while hunkering under my umbrella.

You’re half awake in a fake empire…


Bibio – Lover’s Carvings

I was searching for some inspiration today (it comes and goes) on youtube and stumbled across this. I nearly bailed on it after it’s meandering opening 90 seconds. But then, suddenly, it takes off and is transformed. From that point on it’s a fresh, summery anthem; light and airy, it makes me think of carefree days when the sun is shining.


The L.O.X. – Recognize

This has been speaking to me today. It classic hip hop – strong rhymes over a great beat. It was produced by DJ Premier, a true hip hop hero and maker of many amazing beats. Also, Jadakiss’ easy bravado and lyrical dextrerity is top notch here.

L dot O dot X dot at the end…


DJ Marky and XRS – LK (It’s the way)

I wanted to post something upbeat and energetic as I am looking forward to what will be a busy and fun weekend. I am home for what will be a raucous wedding that will no doubt be full of laughter and high spirits.

This is also apt as it is an old school friend who is getting married and this brings back many happy memories from that period.


The Roots – How I got over

The roots are a great band. I would see them as musical descendents of Gil Scott-Heron, also making making music that is both funky and profound. This is probably my favourite of their’s – soulful and sobering, a powerful mixture.


Saint Germain – Rose Rouge

This song is just plain cool. I love how it is smooth as silk yet rapid and relentless.


The Streets – Weak become heroes

Was reminded of this over the weekend by an old friend. It was a massive tune when I was at university, hearing it brings to my mind a house I used to live in and the guys I lived with.

I like it’s cool beat and strong imagery. It makes me think of heading out for a night on the tiles in a foreign city for the first time, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells.